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Our Mission

Our goal is simple --  to provide a platform for ultimate players, especially high school gxrls, to connect and learn together, through the challenges we face today, and beyond. We aim to provide unique resources for players, and capitalize on the technology available in order to keep the community healthy, strong, connected and, ultimately, together. 

We're updating the website almost daily so make sure you check back often for new material!



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Missing out on practicing with a college team?

With colleges across the country closed, it's impossible for most highschoolers to visit schools and try practicing with teams. Check out all of the college pages to learn about programs across the country, hear testimonials from current and alumni players and much more! 



Do you write for your school newspaper or just want to try your hand at some journalism? We’d love for you to submit an article to be posted on our site. We are now accepting submissions from any high school or college gxrls! We will provide editing before publishing it on our site under your name. 

You don’t need any previous reporting experience and you’re welcome to write about anything related to the ultimate community (definitely does not have to be COVID-19 related!). However, we do reserve the right to veto any articles that violate the supportive, non-discriminatory principles of Ultimately Together.

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Interested in how college ultimate works?

As a highschooler, it can be hard to find information on exactly how college ultimate works. Who organizes it? Is it part of the NCAA? Are there any scholarship opportunities? How is it regionally divided? We've consolidated a lot of that information so you can find all of that and more in one place! Keep an eye out for any updates about scholarship chances! 



The situation outside our door changes so frequently that it can be hard to know what is and is not allowed. That's why we've researched the current guidelines and restrictions due to COVID - 19 in every state and compiled them in one place. (Please always make sure that the the links and information are up-to-date.) 
We've also included tip for how to stay safe when you go throw with information such as how to breathe safely or how to clean the disc and your gloves. Read through it before you go out throwing!


Want to keep improving?

What drills are the world's top players continuing to do in order to stay in shape? Check the weekly throwing drills or the home workouts to see how you can keep improving even while we're stuck at home (coming soon!). Or, check out our compilation of our favorite Tuesday Tips among other exercises to keep you engaged and improving! Regardless of how much space you have, you're sure to find a drill or activity to  keep improving!


Words of Wisdom in a Time of Crisis

Feeling overwhelmed, stressed or unmotivated because of a cancelled and/or shortened season? Don't worry, you're not alone. Check out our Words of Wisdom page to see what advice the biggest names in the sport have to offer our Ultimately Together community. Remember, we're all in this together!

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