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George Mason university


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  • IG: @masonextinction

  • Twitter: @masonextinction

  • Facebook: @Mason Women’s Ultimate

Team Blurb

The George Mason Women’s Ultimate team was founded in 2011 and has blossomed into a robust, D1 ultimate program. This team has perfected the balance of competitive and eccentric energy. Extinction is no doubt the most fun and spirited team in the region that will give you the best memories of your life. We can not guarantee that we won’t get bageled every once in a while but we can promise the biggest celebration for breadsticks! 


Joining this team is more than just joining a campus club sport, it is finding your family and becoming a member of one of the most extraordinary and special communities on campus. Mason ultimate is a forever home where you will meet your best friends, have the best times of your life, play some frisbee, attend the coolest parties on campus, and (not as exciting) make lots of important connections when you’re looking for internships or jobs!



Mason ultimate is more than just my college frisbee team and the players are more than just my teammates. They are my best friends, my roommates, my coworkers, my family, and the girls who hold my hair back on a crazy Friday night. I feel so lucky to have found my home at GMU within the ultimate community. - Nicole Getter, Sophomore 

I started playing frisbee my freshman year of college and it was only supposed to be for a semester. When I came to the first practice I saw a group of people who weren’t just a team, they were also a family. Three years later I have found my forever friends from this sport and have had many memorable experiences. I love that this sport is not only competitive but also focuses on spirit and having fun!!

- Julianna (Gogo) Gohman, junior

After bouncing around to different clubs and organizations my freshman year, I was so lucky to finally land at an extinction practice in the late fall. Immediately when I walked up to the field (with the captain at the time who literally walked with me to practice) I was met with one of the nicest welcomes I’ve ever experienced. The entire practice was so much fun with music, jokes, drills, and scrimmaging and overall a great time. Since then I’ve continued to love the team and all of the wonderful people I’ve met. Joining the team is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! 

- Lily Mackenzie, junior

I went to cop a free waffle my freshman year at Mason and stumbled across what became my favorite sport and my favorite people. Frisbee has become an integral and amazing part of my college experience, and I have loved every crazy second of it. My teammates became my friends and chosen family and have made such an impact on who I am and who I strive to be. So much love for Mason Extinction and the frisbee community.

-Jenna Rowell, senior

Freshman year I was floor mates and quickly became great friends with Nicole. She kept trying to get me to join the team and after playing “hard to get” for most of the year I finally committed to the team. Despite the rocky start, this team has become my family. Mason Extinction is made up of some of the most hilarious, caring, and supportive people I know. I wouldn’t change anything for the world.

-Sara Genell, Sophomore

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