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Daisy Chain



  • Evan Johnson       


Mount Holyoke College

About Daisy Chain

Mount Holyoke College’s first and only ultimate team was founded in 2005 and at first was completely player and student run. The early days of Daisy Chain were marked by our alums’ exceptional dedication to the sport and the team, as they self-coached and wanted to learn the sport together. The young team went through  a series of names, starting out as Innuedzone, and then changing to MHCULT before becoming Daisy Chain in 2015. A big turning point for the team came in 2015 when Evan Johnson took on the role of coach, in his first year the team began to grow in size and caliber, as we soared in the ultra-competitive New England Region. In 2016, Daisy Chain qualified for DIII nationals for the first time, and we returned to nationals in 2017, 2018, and again in 2019. We came out strong in the 2020 spring season, winning first place at Bates Second Annual First Big Dance, and taking first at the Culture Tournament this year. 2020 was a big year for us, as over the last couple of years we have been challenged by the incredible growth of our program, and this year we split into a tournament team and practice team. As we look to our next season, including as many daisies as possible is the goal and we hope to implement A and B teams. We finished our first ever undefeated season with an 11-0 record before the season was cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For the last 5 seasons, we have consistently been in the top 5 rankings for the DIII Women's division, finishing in the #2 spot for the shortened 2020 season.

As with many DIII teams, the majority of our players have never played ultimate before college but join to be a part of our amazing community while also pushing themselves and competing at the high levels of collegiate ultimate. The learning curve for new players on our team is steep, thanks to Evan Johnson’s wide depth of ultimate knowledge and selfless dedication to our team. The upper-year players on our team are also keys to the success of younger players, as they are committed to providing the same leadership and guidance they have been offered by older players in the tradition of our team. It has been said about our team many times before, but when Daisy Chain rolls up to a tournament we do not look the most intimidating. But once we are out on the field, doing what we do best- playing ultimate and being together- you will be hard pressed to find a team that plays with more spirit, perseverance, or love. 

Coming from Mount Holyoke, a Historically Women’s College, the mission of equality and social justice bleeds into our team. We work hard as a team to acknowledge the privileged systems that exist in our world, our college, our sport, and especially our team. We continuously strive to address how the issues of race, economic backgrounds, nationality, sexuality, and gender-identity play into every practice, game, team bonding event we have. While we compete within the “Women’s Collegiate Division” we vehemently affirm all gender identities within our team and seek to create a space that allows for such growth and development in the broader Ultimate community. 

We are known for epic halftime dances, our ultimate-related song remixes, starting our tournaments with The Wobble, water fights at nationals, and our egg costumes #yayoke.

Here is a great twitter thread about us at nationals last year!

Reaching Out

The best way to reach out is by emailing the captains, Emma and Sara at, or contacting us via instagram or twitter dms. We would love to hear from any prospective student, or incoming first year with any questions or concerns! We happily welcome any prospective student to practice with us, or watch us play. Any questions about collegiate ultimate or womxn’s and gxrl’s ultimate in general is certainly welcome as well.


“Joining Daisy Chain has given me the community of my dreams in college. Some of my most cherished college memories involve the team. I joined with zero experience and immediately fell in love with the sport and the team! Plus, while we are a competitive team, participation in the D3 division gives flexibility to explore other extracurricular activities the college has to offer. We all push each other to be the best we can on and off the field. And you can count on support anywhere - whether at practice and games or by attending our teammates art shows, concerts, and performances!”

(Robin Joyce, ‘21)

Nationals 2019, College Station, Texas 

Our last team dinner before we left campus, March 2020

“Like a lot of players, Daisy Chain is the first ultimate team that I have been on, and it has been such a great experience for me since I have joined. I have played sports my entire life, and have not felt as supported, and as inspired to improve as I have playing frisbee. It’s great to have such a big group of people who really care about each other on the field and off, hanging out and making crafts one night, and kicking butt at a tournament the next! I think that the best thing about frisbee is the idea of self-regulating games. The spirit of the game really sets this sport apart, valuing the respect of other players and creating an environment in the ultimate community as a whole that is so supportive, while still being competitive. I don't think that any other sport has the level of sportsmanship that is seen in ultimate games, and it makes me want to work hard so that I can keep playing this sport for years to come!”

(Maggie Sullivan, ‘22)

“The thing I love the most about ultimate frisbee is the SOTG. I’ve played other competitive sports before and that’s why I appreciate spirit circles so much, because other sports I’ve played have such a negative experience after games. I’ve been bullied before for winning, but being bullied for winning is unthinkable in ultimate because having fun comes first and I love that so much. My team environment is goofy, dance-y, crazy supportive, and crazy wholesome. My favorite feeling when playing frisbee is aiming a shot and pulling it off the way I wanted it to. It’s an indescribable feeling of accomplishment to make eye contact with someone and in a split second have them read your mind when you aim.”

(Wolf Chen, ‘22)

Spring Banquet, 2020

After winning The Culture Tournament in New Jersey, 2020

“When I started at Mount Holyoke I was so nervous to find where I fit in. I had played mixed ultimate in high school but it was sort of a discouraging experience, so I didn’t plan to pursue it further. Some friends dragged me to the first practice practice and by the end of day one I knew that I had found my place. Being on Daisy Chain has been the best part of my college experience. The chosen family we build together supports and inspires me. The collegiate ultimate community is a beautiful one, and I love the connections we build with other players and teams. Daisy Chain is made up of dedicated students who are passionate about social justice, academically motivated, and are also incredible athletes. I can’t imagine who I’d be without Daisy Chain.”

 (Emma Bowe, ‘21, Captain)


Another testament to the incredible spirit and talent of our team is our first ever Donovan nomination for this year. Our nominee, Bloomie was one of 5 finalists for the award, and her unforgettable presence on the team is clear in this video

Our serenade from last year’s nationals

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