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We created this website because we wanted to find a way to continue to grow as players and members of the frisbee community even while stuck at home. The name encapsulates the inspiration - we want the community to help us build this common space and to fill the hiatus constructively so that we will be even stronger when we come back together in the weeks or months to come.

Lia Schwartz

Having parents who play ultimate, Lia Schwartz grew up on the sidelines and came to appreciate the spirit of the ultimate community. She now plays for several teams in the DC area and had been looking forward to playing with the Japan U20 women's team at WJUC this summer. When the tournament was cancelled, she decided to channel her energy into building this platform and to draw from the strength of the ultimate community to support each other during these difficult times. Tori and Anna are not only amazing players but hardworking teammates who are dedicated to helping the community and I am incredibly excited to working with them in building this platform. 


Anna Fisher Lopez

Anna Fisher Lopez grew up playing frisbee in the D.C. area and is now a junior at Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland. After beginning to play competitively on her high school and YCC teams, she fell in love with the sport. When her teammate Lia mentioned an awesome idea for a website for gxrls playing ultimate, Anna was eager to join the team! She hopes that Ultimately Together will help spread the wonders of the ultimate community and increase accessibility and equity within the sport.

Tori Gray

Tori Gray is a Senior at Seattle Prep who has been playing ultimate since middle school.  She has played with the youth club team Roosevelt Rough Riders all four years, given Prep didn’t have a team. She has played on Seattle YCC teams and was selected to play on the United States U20 National Team. When the WJUC was cancelled, Tori was devastated. However, when she heard about Ultimately Together she knew that it was a great chance to make something out of this crazy time. Lia, a friend from CUT Camp (Go there!), invited her to join the team. Tori hopes that this site will help others who are struggling with being away from frisbee and help them connect to the sport they love.  

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