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  • Sangwha Hong

  • Meriden Estes

  • Becky Malinowski

  • Miranda Briseño

About Ewo

Ewo (Elephant Women) is Tufts’ womxn’s ultimate team. We pride ourselves in always striving to improve while also having fun and supporting one another both on and off the field. There is an A team (Ewo) that plays at a highly competitive level, and after attending nationals the past three seasons, we ended the shortened 2020 season in third place nationally. Some current players and alumni play for various club and professional teams such as Brüte Squad, Siege, Wildcard, League of Shadows, and Portland Rising. We also have a fun-loving B team (Bwo) that is a constant powerhouse in the developmental division.

This is the kind of team that works hard for each other. We can often be found doing extra sprints at the end of practice, laying out in scrimmages, shoveling snow off of our fields, pushing sleds at PeaK Performance, or competing in throwing challenges (especially when we’re bribed with desserts).

At the same time, we’re really just a bunch of Mamma-Mia-singing, dining-hall-lounging, dance-party-having, cuddle-loving goofballs. As if our long practices and workouts weren’t enough quality time, we seem to spend a lot of our free time together too. Just as often as an Ewo can be found on the field or in the gym, we can be found having team dinners, trivia/game nights, studying together, participating in the many whacky, time-honored, frisbee program traditions, or just hanging out with the Bwo and Emen (the men’s team) all over campus. We aggressively care about our teammates, not just as ultimate players, but as friends and as people. 

Every member dedicates time and energy to this team, but is passionate and talented in a variety of ways outside of ultimate. Beyond the team itself, we have a core group of coaches with multiple decades of combined experience who are fond of using highly specific metaphors and analogies in their pump-up speeches. Our alumni network, along with their love for this program, remains strong, with many returning for alumni weekend each fall.

This is not only a team, but a lifelong family. We love playing frisbee and we love having fun, but most of all, we love spending time with one another.
A classic pre-game dance party (2018)


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"This team is special. I have never been on a team with this amount of unconditional love, grit, competitive fire, and respect for the game and each other. From frozen feet and shoveling snow to dance parties and killer travel fits, we have truly done it all. Our potential had no ceiling, and there’s no telling what the rest of the season would have brought. But at the end of the day, it’s not about a title or any given tournament or game. I am so lucky to have played with and learned so much from all the graduating wo. The example they set shaped the team. I am so thankful for the moments we did get to have. Moments that would not have been the same without any one of us. And I cannot wait to cleat up in the fall."
     - Olivia (Gus) Goss, Freshman, Class of 2023

A very muddy Commonwealth Cup (2019)

"I am really proud to be an Ewo. Being a part of a team that works so hard to accomplish its goals and cares so much about the team and about each other has been an incredibly fulfilling part of my college experience. It’s also just so fun! Often, something as simple as going to practice or working out with a teammate is the highlight of my day."
     - Cam Rusin, Junior, Class of 2021

Ewo and Emen win New England Mixed Regionals (2019)

"Being on the EWO has been my favorite part of going to Tufts because of the awesome people. I think it is a privilege to be part of a group that transcends graduation year. I got to make close friends that are now years out of college and friends that are just beginning their college careers and I have learned so much from each one. All the highest highs I experienced in college were affiliated with this team. Thankful that I got to be a part of and help build something so special. <3"
     - Claire (BB) Dunn, Senior/Captain, Class of 2020

Bwo Cape Cod Adventure (2020)

"Being on the EWO was one of the most defining and memorable parts of my time at Tufts University. From my first day on campus I was drawn in by the competitive play, hardworking teammates, and the love and support felt both on the 'wo and within the full EPO program. The EWO is a true team - we win together, lose together, laugh, cry, and dance together, and support each other both on AND off the field. Over my 5 seasons with the 'wo, my teammates and coaches pushed me to work harder and be better in all aspects of my life, not just in frisbee. The Tufts frisbee program gave me a family, life long friends, and memories and experiences that I will forever hold on to.
     - Emily (Pups) Decker, Grad student, Class of 2019/2020

Silly scrimmage with Emen (2019)

"EWO offered me a place to fit in during my first year at Tufts for grad school and in the middle of recovering from ACL surgery. I knew my time with the team would likely be limited to off-field support and being a member of the team in a way that is different than just playing. And I was really nervous about that prospect, but this team culture made me immediately feel welcomed and like I was no less a member of the team just because I couldn’t play. People were surprised at how quickly I bought in to the team but I wasn’t. They make it so easy and I don’t think I would have had the same motivation to recover from my surgery without them."
     - Miranda (Randy) Briseño, Alum/Coach, 2019 Player

2019 Highlights and Behind-the-Scenes

"Joining the ewo provided me with a community and support system that helped me navigate my four years at Tufts. In the time since graduating I have continued to feel connected to and supported by ewo past and present and I feel lucky to be a part of a program as strong as this."
     - Valerie (Larry) Willocq, Alum, Class of 2018

Taken from Ewo website

"Ewo was such an amazing part of my Tufts experience. I played ultimate in high school and knew I wanted to play in college. Between travel tournaments, late night practices in Gantcher, goofy traditions, NATIONALS!, and many many hours spent in dining halls with teammates, I made some lifelong friends through a sport that I love. Ewo also has an AMAZING coaching staff that pushes you to become a better player, whether you have been playing since middle school or picked up a disc for the first time with the 'wo."
     - Laura (Intro) Fradin, Alum, Class of 2016

Centex 2019

"When I look back at my college experience most of what I remember, treasure, and miss is my time with the EWO. The EWO certainly made me a better, stronger athlete. But, more importantly, the EWO and other Tufts ultimate frisbee teams were my community. Through the EWO I met many of my closest friends at Tufts, most of whom I still keep in touch with and even vacation with 6 years after graduating!"
     - Hannah (MaVOM/Madam) Garfield, Alum, Class of 2014

2017 Nationals

"Ultimate, but in particular Tufts Ultimate, changed my life! When I think back to my college experience, the supportive, fun, intense, hilarious camaraderie of the Tufts Ewo defined who I was at the time, and who I am now, over 10 years later. Little did I know that being a part of the Ewo would set me on a frisbee-loving lifetime, and thus a path full of deep friendships with smart, athletic, conscientious people, and a clearer understanding of the type of friend I strive to be."
     - Andrea Alma (Northup), Alum, Class of 2008

Ewo Fundraising (2019)

"I cannot say enough positive things about this team. Ewo is an amazing, tight-knit community that loves to work hard and grind it out together while staying positive and always having a good time. The team is competitive and we challenge each other to improve. Whether we are spending Monday nights at the gym or Saturday mornings at snowy fields or the entirety of Thursday evenings in the dining hall, we enjoy the time together. Motivated, gritty, and positive, Ewo is truly an amazing team and family."
     - Isabella (Bug[s]) Lombino, Sophomore, Class of 2022

Ewo and Bwo Prom Dress Scrimmage (2019)

"Trying out for this team was the single best decision I’ve made since coming to college. I could not have ever imagined finding such a welcoming group to be a part of that shares my values of hardwork and compassion so closely. Everyone is incredibly dedicated not only to ultimate, but to their academics and other activities, and it inspires me daily. I have found I always leave practice in a better mood than I started, and that speaks to the wonderful group of people I am surrounded by. I am beyond grateful to be a part of this team."
     - Jordan (Fin) Bricknell, Junior, Class of 2021

Snacks, thanks parents! (2020)

"The Ewo are what I will look back on and cherish about tufts. This community was my network of support and love, my outlet for hard work and competitiveness, and my wonderful social sphere for four years. I have met lifelong friends on this team — women who I feel are closer to sisters than teammates to me — and have grown as a person as a result of meeting these people. On top of all of that, it was the most motivated, ambitious, unified, and successful team I have ever been a part of. We were all f***ing ballers. I will love this team forever and always."
     - Margo Urheim, Senior/Captain, Class of 2020

Ewo and Emen Qualify for Nationals (2019)

"Joining as a grad student I was worried about how I would fit into the team, but I have felt nothing but love and support from EWO. The connections I've made in such a short amount of time I know will last a lifetime. I am incredibly proud to be a part of this FAMILY. There is no other group of people that have so much passion, grit, and work ethic."
     - Justinne (Juice) Guarin, Grad student, 2019/2020 Player

2020 Highlights

"I hadn't even heard of ultimate until I got to college, at which point I was lucky enough to stumble upon the first EWO fall practice—conveniently visible from my dorm window.  From the minute I walked downstairs and onto the field, I was heartily welcomed and embraced into the ultimate community, by senior captains and freshman newcomers alike. I was eager to learn and play and, eventually, compete with the EWO (especially having played other team sports in high school), and ultimate provided an incredible environment and social community for physical and mental growth.  From freshman year onward, I really couldn't get enough ultimate—from team bonding dinners, spring break trips, and social events to actual frisbee and travel tournaments—and still live with some of my college teammates/best friends today. I have nothing but gratitude and love for my fellow EWO frisbee-ers and don't even want to imagine life without them. Ultimate is where it's at, and I can't help but encourage any and all college-bound students to join whatever teams are available to them at the college level (if not the EWO!) and beyond."
     - Hannah (Hamm) Crowley, Alum, Class of 2018

Tufts Callahan Nominee 2020

"Though I played ultimate in high school, I went into my college search not wanting to choose a school based on their frisbee team's success. Looking back, I did myself a service by choosing Tufts because playing for a high calibre program like EWO enriched my college experience more than I could have ever imagined. Playing for EWO gave me an outlet outside of classes and grades, a goal to work towards and a group of friends who would love and support me in any circumstance. The EWO were my mentors, they were my study group, they were my confidants and lab partners and personal trainers. They are my best friends to this day. My favorite part of playing college ultimate was watching players grow right before my eyes. I would teach someone to throw forehand their freshman year and watch them score at nationals later. Tufts sports are DIII aside from ultimate, and we had many athletes leave their sport and join ultimate because of its successful-yet-fun reputation on campus. EWO has a deep culture, one that makes me proud to have contributed. My teammates had the strongest work ethic but still the biggest smiles and best high fives. I wouldn't trade my experience with EWO for anything."
     - Jojo Emerson, Alum, Class of 2017

Nationals 2013

"The ultimate program at Tufts formed who I am today - it provided a group of friends that I am close to today, it pushed me to find balance w/ schoolwork, and it gave me the life experience of putting myself out there and embracing both failures and successes. The EWO are a phenomenal group and an awesome alumni network as well. Also, the coaches are amazing and have taught me so much about pushing myself physically and also providing me opportunities to practice leadership."
     - Qxhna (Q) Titcomb, Alum, Class of 2015

Taken from Ewo Facebook

"I had not played Ultimate before coming to Tufts and I remember being SHOCKED to make the Ewo after a fantastic season with Bwo. In both programs, I felt welcomed and challenged to be the best teammate and player I could be through injuries, bad weather (34 degrees and raining?!?), and long tournaments. I miss that sense of teamwork everyday. Playing and competing with those womxn are my most cherished memories from Tufts, and I am so grateful to still be friends with many of them!"
   - Hanna (Toga) Buechi, Alum, Class of 2014

2018 Callahan Nominee

"Playing with the Ewo was a huge part of my college experience. I loved playing competitively and even though I had played in high school, I grew a lot as a player with the Ewo coaches. I also loved being part of such a fun team - friendships still going strong 10+ years later!"
     - Shira (Shaz) Smith (Stothoff), Alum, Class of 2008

Ewo vs UTD Florida Warm-UP (2020)
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