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Colorado University - Boulder

Captains and Coaches

2020 Captains: 


Social Media

Team email:

Instagram: @quandaryultimate
​Twitter: @quandaryult
Facebook: Quandary Ultimate
Tiktok: If you join the team, you can join our private tiktok ;)

We also have a B team, Petra, with an awesome atmosphere and great coaches (see below)! 
Instagram: @petraultimate

Following our Instagram is the best way to get information about tryouts and other announcements :) ALSO check out our Instagram stories of our quarantine takeovers to get a lil taste of our fun teammates

About Quandary

In the dry, thin air of central Colorado, where the vast plains come to an abrupt end in the beautiful sagebrush foothills of the Rockies, you can hear echoes of 20 Quandary players, tossing and dancing in the wind. With each slapping pancake catch, reverberations of resilience and hunger for the disc may be heard from miles away. In the moments when the disc settles, these inclusive women congregate and fully embrace the Quandary weird. Their half times consist of grind lines galore and the bellowing of Lizzo’s latest lyrics. They are a family, with unconditional love and support for each other on and off the field. 
After tying for third in the nation in 2010, Quandary has been on the hunt for a title, qualifying for Nationals the past six years in a row. Two fifth-place finishes in 2015 and 2016, followed by a 3rd place finish in 2017, and a finals appearance in 2018 has left them wanting more. Each tournament, each game, each point, they are dedicated to fighting for more time together. We believe in ourselves. We believe in this team. 

“This program is so so special and has absolutely been the highlight of my time at CU. Here are some things I love about Quandary:
Quandary’s fight for social justice. We’ve lead/participated in multiple program wide gender equity talks with the men’s team, and have regular team conversations surrounding race, power and privilege in our sport. In 2019, we changed our name from Kali to Quandary after a string of intentional team conversations regarding the origin of Kali, and the fact that we were appropriating a culture that was not ours. We are willing to admit mistakes, be humble, and grow to be better people together.
Quandary’s intensity on the field. We take ultimate seriously. We have some of the best coaches in the nation (are you kidding me?? Claire Chastain AND Christina Mickle??). We push each other at practices, and often our year end goal is to win nationals. I have gotten worlds better at frisbee since starting playing on this team. I’d also like to highlight that we’ve had players who are brand new to ultimate at the beginning of the fall, and are playing on starting lines by the time we’re playing at nationals. 
The depth of this team. We really do play all of our players on this team. One of my favorite Kali/Quandary memories was quarterfinals at 2018 nationals where we put not one, but TWO rookie lines on that broke Texas twice in a row. Rookies! In quarterfinals of Nationals! We truly trust everyone on the team, and don’t play through stars.
The “Quandary weird” that you will hear about a lot surrounding this team. Honestly, it’s tough to describe, you kind of just have to experience it. This team is ultra-accepting, and the weirder, the better. We dance and we laugh together unendlessly. This team seriously fills me with more joy than I could ever describe.
Sko buffs.”
​     - Britta Bergstrom (grad student/5th year, captain)
“The best part of playing for Quandary is how empowering being around every one is. I’m not sure if that’s correct grammar… but on this team the support you get empowers you in so many ways. It empowers you to completely be yourself and embrace your own weirdness in whatever way you choose. It empowers you to be an activist for things you care about, and challenges you to think about your identity and impact in the world. It empowers you to push yourself to be a strong athlete, teammate, and competitor. I could probably fill a whole page with this, but really, truly being on Quandary is such a wonderful experience that has changed my life in so many positive and irreplaceable ways. 
Our team environment is basically a little (ok probably a lot) of glitter and a lot of sweat. Quandary embraces both the weird, fun, goofy part of Ultimate and all the hard work that comes with always wanting to play the best we can. We are at our best when we are working our butts off, trusting each other, having an absurd amount of fun, and always hyping each other up. Being around these incredible people and their positivity and love makes you feel so ready to give your all to every practice, point, and moment on or off the field.
My favorite part of playing frisbee is that it’s an excuse to run around outside and play with some of my closest friends. Can’t beat that.”
     - Camilla Hallin (senior) haha sko buffs
“I grew up in Dallas, Tx, where there was little to no accessibility to girls' ultimate frisbee. I played on my high school mixed and boys team, which brought me happiness, but not really any fulfillment. I hated playing womxn’s club when I was 15-16 years old and told myself I would only play mixed if I stayed in Texas. When I competed with the 2018 u20 girls national team at the WJUC, I realized I didn't hate playing in a single gendered division, in fact I loved it. I never thought I would find a team or program that exuded that kind of love and dedication again, but then I started to play for Quandary and saw that this team brought these qualities that couldn’t be matched by any other program. Every player is so driven to work hard for each other and work hard for this team. I can’t wait for the next college season to be here, so I can see my best friends all the time. I have sooo much love for my teammates, my coaches, and for the Kali’s that came before me and created this weird-ful (yes i said weird-ful) team culture. I promise you won’t regret being a Q.”
     - Skye Fernandez (Freshman) 
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