Information on College Teams 


If you're a high schooler hoping to play ultimate in college, it's inevitable that the team will play a large role in your college life.  Knowing the team well—their coaches and players, their culture and spirit--can be an important part of the decision to commit to a school.  Whether it's because of budget and time constraints, because of the pandemic keeping us all at home, or because the school you want to visit is across the country, being able to visit colleges and practice with their team is not always feasible. That's why we've attempted to create a virtual substitute. Each college's page has contact information, team history and so much more.  If you have questions about the team or the college, please reach out to the individual team with the emails listed. That is why they’ve provided all of this great information!  If you play on a college team and you would like to add a page please email us at

Schools with available pages:

Schools that are working on pages:

Brown University

Catholic University of America

George Mason University

Georgetown University

University of Florida

University of Vermont

Carnegie Mellon University

Dartmouth University

George Washington University

Swarthmore College

University of Maryland

Uppsala University