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  • Anna Erickson (Senior)

  • Nicole Wolf (5th Year)

  • Lisa Hansen (Junior)


Coach: Patty King​



This team has existed as a club sport at ISU since 2001. Our fall season is pretty relaxed and focuses more on learning the sport and how this team plays, and the Spring is where we get a little but more serious but still focus on the fun. We traditionally travel all over the Midwest for tournaments, as well as a few odd places like Nashville TN, Austin TX, and San Diego CA. We are an incredibly fun team to be on because we basically do everything together. As a team we have practice 3 days a week, as well as have gigantic team pot luck dinners, social hangouts with our men’s players, go on a Spring Break vacation together, or chilling out at the Women’s frisbee house we call Hogwartz. Playing Ultimate for ISU means you immediately have an entire group of friends. We also currently do not have any sort of team cuts or requirements so as Tame Impala would say, the less you know the better. Every year we take our rookies and help them learn the sport as well as help them transition into college while simultaneously driving big white vans around Iowa and throwing a piece of plastic through the air. We are a competitively serious team, but it is safe to say as soon as the games are over, is when our shenanigans really begin.
Personal contact that anyone can reach out to with questions about our team, our travels, or ISU in general:
Anna Erickson - President and Captain of the club. or 612-462-5865 if they want to text/call! 


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“The absolute best part of playing for Scorned is the camaraderie and friendship that the team creates. Playing frisbee is fun, but playing with 25 of your really good friends makes showing up to practice from 9-11 pm, running sprints, driving 12 hours in a crowded van together, and everything in between actually fun and something to look forward to.” - Ellen Reed, Senior

My favorite part about playing for Woman Scorned is the team atmosphere. It really feels like every player has a valuable position from brand new rookies to captain vets. This was my first year playing ultimate and more than a team it felt like a joined a family—the ultimate family. I’ve made memories and friends that will last a lifetime. My only regret is not joining sooner!

-Elli Holan, Junior

Our team environment is one of positivity and growth. Everyone wants you to succeed and grow not only in ultimate but also as a person. There is nonstop, conditional support from every member of the team. 

-Faith Hall, Freshman/Rookie

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