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Western Washington




  • Alyssa Weatherford

  • Abbie Abramovich

Chaos is the women's ultimate team at Western Washington University located in good ol' Bellingham, Washington. CHAUS HAUS!


"I love being a part of something bigger than myself, having a goal and working towards it with a group of empowering, goofy, supportive, women. No matter what mood I’m in, I always find myself leaving practice in a better mood than I came into it because of the wonderful team atmosphere that we’ve worked to achieve all season. I love each and every person on our team with all my heart."
     - Delaney Adams, senior
"Chaos is filled with amazing human beings who are ballers and support one another on and off the field. There are endless smiles and no fear of getting down and dirty.""
    - Tova Breen, junior
“I'm always reminded of all the love and support my teammates have for me and everybody else on this team. Whenever I'm feeling down my goofy teammates never fail to make me smile, so for that I couldn't be anymore thankful to be playing on Chaos.”
     - Aileen Isla, 2019 graduate
"I love being on Chaos because the team inspires me to become a better player and a better person."
     - Hue Tien, senior
"I love laughing with some of the funniest people I know and being surrounded by a team that cares about each other and supports each other through the gritty stuff and the fun stuff."
     - Paige Jeantette-Coca, sophomore
“Everyone is so supportive and encouraging no matter what, Chaos is really a special community and I’m honored to be a part of it.”
     - Lindsey Weilick, sophomore
“This team is so much fun and hard-working and everyone puts so much love into the team which makes it so much better!”
​     - Kayla Pianh, freshman
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