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  • Caroline O'Connell

  • Ivy Harrison


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TEXAS TEXAS YEEHAW!!! We are the womxn’s ultimate frisbee program at The University of Texas! Our program welcomes and seeks to affirm teammates of all backgrounds, races, orientations, and identities. We love frisbee, we love each other, and we strive to create a hardworking, dedicated, and inclusive environment. We have a traveling national team (Melee) and a regional team (Mayhem). Come slang some saucers with us.

Since the beginning, Melee has qualified for Nationals 14 out of 17 years and placed 2nd at Nationals in 2017. Melee is rooted in commitment, teamwork, and excellence. We are inclusive womxn pushing ourselves and each other to be the best ultimate players, teammates, and people that we can be. You’ll be able to find us at any tournament because we’ll be the ones yelling, “YEEHAW”, holding toy horses and a half naked Barbie named Consuelo, making Tik Toks, and cheering on our teammates. 

We are a developmental team that welcomes players of any experience level. Our team's focus is to have fun while learning and maturing our skillsets in Ultimate Frisbee.
Coaches: Bennett Wachob (941) 376-0044 & Jaime Estes (850) 339-1962
or email if you have questions
Insta: @mayhem.tx


"A big part of my decision to go to UT was influenced by the school’s ultimate program. On my visit as a senior, I was able to practice with the Melee and get a sense of the team. Before I had even committed to the school, the coaches and players were encouraging me in ways that extended beyond just ultimate. I saw a program that was inclusive and supportive from the start. Coming from out of state it was important to me to find friends that would make my transition feel less lonely. Melee players invited me to social gatherings to feel included in the environment, before even being on the team.
My teammates are my best friends and my family. Not only do I get to share my love of high level ultimate with them, but our program is focused on more than one kind of development. After rigorous practices we all get dinner and bond. It has made our team chemistry stronger than other programs, which helps us more than anything on the field. Melee prides ourself as being competitive, gritty, and hardworking on the field, while being supportive, caring, and inclusive off the field. The travel tournaments, traditions, team culture, and inside jokes alone are enough to want to keep them around. There is nothing like experiencing the feelings brought by wins and losses with your best friends, and that’s why I love Melee." 
​     - Carolina Bayón, junior/player on Melee
"The UT Women's Ultimate Program has been my home for the past 5 years, and the best part of my college experience. When I came to UT, I was looking for a way to find friends and an organization to belong too. I came out to an open practice and knew this was the place for me because of not only how welcoming the program was but also because I could see this was a family. During my time at UT, I played Mayhem for 2 years and Melee for 3. I have grown as a player and as a person. 
On Mayhem, I got to develop my skills and was introduced to the ultimate community around me in Texas. This is where I fell in love with sport and met my future best friend. (We happened to be twinning at the first open practice). It was great playing with such a fun group of ladies and the upperclassmen welcomed me and helped me navigate my first year at UT. My second year I got to captain the team; I loved helping new players develop and find joy in the sport.
The next three years I got to play on Melee. The atmosphere is very focused and driven. The practices are intense but it is so satisfying to work hard with your team to improve at a sport everyone loves. On Melee, I got to experience playing at interstate tournaments and nationals. It was amazing seeing the national ultimate community and getting to travel for ultimate. While Melee is competitive, we still have fun together. It is moments of fun that I will miss most, from dancing to that power on during halftime to laughing together eating burritos after practice.
Apart from playing ultimate, this program has helped me develop confidence as well as grow my leadership and interpersonal skills. I have served as Fundraising Chair, Vice President, and President. These roles helped me determine that I want to pursue a career in management.
I love the UT Women's Ultimate program so much and hope that helps give a glimpse of all it has to offer. Both teams have been a stellar experience. While I am so sad to leave Melee, I am leaving with memories and friends that will last way beyond my time at UT. Also if you have any questions or want to talk more about either team please feel free to reach out to me at"
     - Hannah DeVault, graduating senior/player on Melee
"I love coaching Melee because it’s given me the opportunity to give back to a program that’s provided so much for me (community, knowledge, lifelong friends, mentors.) It’s extremely rewarding to be able to know and teach the current players on Melee and help them reach their potential as a team and as individual athletes."
     - Gaby Cuina, Melee Coach
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