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University of Southern California

Hellions of troy

Incoming Captains: Toko “Rojo” Weaver

Georgia “Squid” Cardosa


Katie “Punky” Killebrew

Alyssa “Tattoo” Perez

Maria “Paparazzi” Kazantsev




Hellions of Troy at USC





About Hellions of Troy

In the heart of LA, the Hellions of Troy (AKA HoT) is USC's women's club ultimate frisbee team. The Hellions are LUG, a typo for "love" made in one of our team emails in years past that has grown to become a Hellions expression of fierce, fun, and unfathomable friendship. We are a tight-knit team of engineers, filmmakers, astronomists, geologists, and every study under the bright LA sun who are unified by this one conviction. We are a D1 ultimate frisbee team that welcomes all playing levels! We practice year round with more casual practices in the fall and our competitive season in the spring. The Hellions of Troy were founded in 2003 and went to nationals for the first time in 2009. Most recently, we attended nationals in 2016. Our team color is hot pink, rather than the typical USC colors of cardinal red and gold, as USC initially would not recognize a female ultimate team. Today, we are supported fully by USC, but still wear our hot pink to remember the spirit and community our team was founded on. 

As Hellions, we pride ourselves on being disciplined and motivated athletes while also being dedicated to inclusivity, commitment, and teamwork. We seek athleticism, but more importantly we seek chemistry and potential. Having gone to Nationals 3 times, we strive to play ultimate at a highly competitive level, yet pride ourselves with a roster with many players who've never played ultimate prior to college. We generally go to 3 fall and 7 spring tournaments, ranging from beach-style to highly competitive, including Santa Barbara Invite, Presidents Day Invite, Stanford Invite, Northwest Challenge, and Centex. This past year we played in the Southwest Regionals and are hoping to work our way to Nationals! 

The Hellions maintain a competitive atmosphere without sacrificing spirit. We have many fun traditions including our famous cookie nights co-hosted with the USC Men’s Ultimate team and frisbee prom. Many alumni still join the Hellions at practices, and two of our fantastic coaches are Hellions alumni. Additionally, the Hellions are able to play with numerous club teams around Los Angeles thanks to our strong alumni connections. We uphold the tradition of singing frisbee themed top 40 hits and throwback bangers to our opponents after every game. We take pride in training our incoming rookie class in the hopes they will join our team for our competitive season in the spring! We are so excited to meet you and be a part of the ultimate community together. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. LUG!


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Despite my last season of college ultimate being cancelled this year as a graduating Senior, this 2020 team has made me feel reassured for the future. The legacy that I worked to uphold from my time as a rookie all the way till now will stand strong. From cheers, to events, to games, the Hellions are the lovely, fun gals we've always been and now more. The team I leave behind I consider to be even better because of their creativity, enthusiasm, and love for the sport. Our commitment to inclusivity, and teamwork has made underdogs into stars. Yet again, I see teammates becoming lifelong college friends. And we've laid down some killer new tournament songs. As a captain and a handler, leading this 2020 season was a blast. While I can only wish to have seen how baller we would have been at the Series, playing with such a young team of growing sophomores and eager rookies made me into a better communicator, a better thrower, and a better teacher. 
     - Mia “Crunch” Tess, Captain, Class of 2020
I played my first few years of college ultimate at the University of Arizona and moved to USC last year for my first year of graduate school. I knew I had more eligibility and immediately wanted to play. My favorite and most notable part of the community, team environment, and ultimate in general is the community. It is clear that the Hellions foster an environment that is open, inclusive, supportive, and understanding. This is what I love most about ultimate and what I love most about the Hellions. Their effort to build this community and to foster a place where all students feel welcome to come try a new sport is key and incredibly valuable. I really appreciated this coming into this program and have a different lens as I experienced frisbee elsewhere as well. Seeing this frisbee community being translated well from place to place was so powerful and I loved hopping into this team as a 5th year student.
     - Keren Givol, 5th Year Player, MSW 
Being a part of the Hellions has been one of the most engaging parts in my college life. Through the Hellions, I get to spend time with my incredibly wild, fun and inspiring teammates while playing the sport that I love. Despite being a competitive team we never fail to find ways to have fun both on and off the field. I am so lucky to be a part of such an amazing program.
     - Toko “Rojo” Weaver, Incoming Captain, Class of 2022
Coming into college I never thought I’d play frisbee, however, I’m so thankful that I did! This team has been instrumental in my college experience. I love the community this team has built for me and I have grown to love this sport so much. I never thought I would be able to find a sport that gave me the perfect combination of competitiveness mixed with fun. I think one thing that really makes USC ultimate stand out from other schools is the support system we have. All 3 of our teams hang out, have fun, and care about our programs as a whole so much. I am so excited for the many years I have left on the Hellions and numerous fun memories I will build with this team. 
     - Emily “Snap” Lieberman, Class of 2023


Alyssa Perez Callahan Video 2018
USC Women's Ultimate 2014
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