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Wild Roses

Email address:
Facebook: @cornellroses
Twitter: @RosesUltimate

You can contact our leadership team at or DM us on Twitter!
Our prospective player interest survey for incoming students is HERE

About the Team

    The Wild Roses are the womxn’s club ultimate frisbee team at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. For the past two consecutive years, we have represented the womxn’s DI Metro East Region at College Nationals. Our team was founded in 1980, and we have since expanded the program to support a competitive B team, the Thorny Roses, in 2004. We are a dedicated, athletic, and silly bunch of Roses who are committed to playing high-level ultimate and having loads of fun. Some of our competitors know us for “laying out for everything,” but we are really just a team with lots of spirit and smiles. 


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My favorite part about playing on the Roses is the happiness I feel whenever I am with them. I love competing and playing this sport, but what it truly comes down to is the sense of community and support that I feel. I never knew that so many good people could be part of the same program. The Roses are high-energy, competitive, determined, supportive, and loving. The best thing about ultimate frisbee is that I get to play a sport that I love, with the people that I love.
 - Hannah “flav” Davis, freshman
1) My favorite part about playing with the Roses is how we support one another. If someone is less confident in their own skills, we encourage them to keep trying. It's a nurturing environment where everyone is patient, and everyone is both a mentor and a mentee. It's an awesome feeling to be able to grow as a player and person with my teammates. 
2) The team is beautifully weird. Everyone has their quirks, and we love them all. We work hard together, we kick butt together, and we love each other! 
3) I love how frisbee is not only a sport, but also a culture--even a lifestyle. It's amazing that everyone is competitive, but still maintains good spirit. It's also really cool to see how small the ultimate world is; within the frisbee world, everyone is probably connected by fewer than four degrees of separation. I also love how people of all ages and abilities can enjoy this game, not just people who have been practicing since elementary school.
-- Adele “Crush” Kong, sophomore
"My favorite part about playing for the Roses is knowing everyone on the team. I feel like I am supported and challenged at the same time and love going to tournaments, practices and just spending time with my teammates. One thing that I really like about the Roses is that we have an environment that encourages me to be a better player while at the same time ensuring that I am supported in other parts of my life. I was worried going from high school ultimate frisbee to college, but have found the community and people to be just as amazing here as they were in high school and I am super glad that I decided to join.
--Amy “Peanut” Stephens, sophomore"
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