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University of British Columbia


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Twitter: @UBCwomensulti


Instagram: @UBCwultimate

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(Captains and coaches have access to this)

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About the Thunderbirds


  • Delaney Ignatieff 

  • Julia Zhang 

  • Paige Miur


  • Jennifer Kwok 

  • Ellen Au-Yeung 

The UBC women’s ultimate team is a family that sweats, laughs and grinds together. We are a highly competitive team that aims to place in the top 5 at Nationals. Previous seasons we have placed 3rd and 5th at nationals, and this upcoming season we want to place first. This team is special because you get best friends that will be by your side for a lot longer than 5 years. They are motivating, inspiring and ambitious women that support your development as a player, but also as a student.  Our team is here to work hard and play competitively which is one of the reasons the team is so fun we take the game of ultimate and play to the highest level possible. Besides that we have lots of team bonding events - crepe making, frisbee prom and much more. WE ARE A FAMILY and we are so excited to meet you. 


What has been your favorite part about playing for UBC?

The friendships and bonds I’ve made along the way are the most valuable to me. Through playing on the team I have been able to make friends with so many diverse people, people that have become my best friends. Our team has athletes from all different faculties and backgrounds, and being able to create meaningful relationships with such a wide range of women would not be have been possible without frisbee

     - Julia Zhang, captain, 5th year on the team

Being a T-bird alongside so many strong ultimate players is the best! My favorite part about this team so far has been being a part of such a big caring community who always have my back, pushing me to be a better player, and for always making me laugh. The t-bird family is made up of so many great women and continue to inspire me everyday on and off the field.

     -Anna Goddu, 1st year on the team

How would you describe your team environment?

I would describe our team environment to be a place of growth, not only as a player, but also as an individual. Being surrounded by so many ambitious and hard-working people really motivates one to give their all, and achieve their full potential.

     - Oliana Chan, 2nd year on the team

Our team is definitely more like a family to me. All of the birdies are so friendly and welcomed me with open arms during my rookie year. We are focused during practices and are highly motivated to achieving our goals as a team but also have tons of fun. These girls are very successful in their fields of study and are a great support system to have during university. I can genuinely say that they have become some of my closet friends and I can’t wait to play with all of them again.

     - Avery Lee-Pi, 2nd year on the team

What do you love most about ultimate frisbee?

What I love most about ultimate is the sense of community. Ultimate maintains a highly competitive environment while also accentuating the spirit of the game and acceptance. Anyone and everyone is welcome in the ultimate community and the people are positive, accepting and loving.

     - Samantha Roche, 4th year on the team

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