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Colorado College


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Captains and Coaches

2020-21 captains:


  • Monica Weindling

  • Carolina Gonzalez-Llanos

About Strata

We are Lysistrata’s Tools (Strata for short), Colorado College’s womxn’s team, and the koolest, flirtiest, speediest group of frizballers you will ever meet. 

As a Division-1 club sport, we compete against teams from schools more than 33 times the size of CC. We travel everywhere from California to Missouri to Texas to play in tournaments such as President’s Day Invite and Centex. When we’re not on the road, we practice about 3 times a week, and when we’re not practicing, we’re usually hanging out together anyway. Our no-cut team is made up of people who never touched a frisbee before coming to CC and people who have played for years and years. We strive to create a positive environment that facilitates growth at all levels while maintaining competitive play.

We love frisbee, we love ballin’ out, and most importantly we love each other!


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"My favorite part about playing for my team (strata) is the community it has given me. It’s where I met some of my best friends and it has given me a family at school. Everyone loves each other, works hard for each other, looks out for each other and supports each other. You really can’t ask for more!"
     - Kira Rain, sophomore

"My favorite part of playing ultimate on Strata (aside from the lifelong friendships with my teammates) is the feeling of being in the fight of the game. I get into a flow state during a point where I can singularly focus on the play. There’s something so exhilarating about standing on the line, waiting for the pull to go up, and then just leaving it all on the field. We work so hard and we remain so positive throughout because we love to play together. It feels amazing to put your hearts and bodies so fully into something and at the end of the day, regardless of the score, feeling that the team gave it everything we had."
     - Ellie Rubenstein, senior

"My favorite part about being on my frisbee team (Lysistrata’s tools) is spending time with my teammates.
​The team is very tight knit and can come off as a little culty to outsiders because we do most everything with each other and most of our closest friends are on the team. I love the uniqueness of the sport and how the frisbee culture propagates throughout all levels of play, from high school to pros."
     - Katy Omizo, junior

"Favorite part about playing for my current team is traveling to tournaments- getting to hang out with some lovely people and absolutely wreck my body goin hard with the frizz. My team environment is a mixture of goofy and intense, and it’s pushed me to improve and motivates me to grow but also it’s 30 of my closest friends and the love and support on the team is absurd. My favorite thing about ultimate is the interaction between teams. Even at the very competitive level the respect between teams is huge and the competition almost always feels fair and heartfelt."
     - Margo Keevil, senior

"My favorite part about playing for my current team is that everyone is so kind and supportive and I get to learn how to play a new sport while also becoming part of a great community. I would describe my team environment as really kind and supportive, but also a place where you can get specific and constructive feedback to help you improve. What I love most about ultimate frisbee is the team aspect. I haven’t played team sports in a long time, but even then the team didn’t really feel connected. I love how everyone is so supportive towards each other and so connected while also all working towards a common goal and playing the same sport."
     - Jennifer Clemente, first year

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