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University of California - Los Angeles


Team Email:
  • to reach 2020 captains: Rune (senior) and Havoc (junior)​
Instagram: @bruinladiesultimate
Twitter: @BLUltimate


We are Bruin Ladies’ Ultimate, but we go by BLU! Together with Midas, our B team, we make up the womxn’s ultimate program at UCLA. Founded in 2003, we are a DI, nationally top-twenty ranked team. We play for the growth of the sport, for ourselves as individuals, and above all for each other. I think if you asked any one of us why we play and why we love BLU, our first reason would always be the people and and the community. We study together, we eat together, a lot of us live together. We have a close relationship with both of the UCLA men’s teams, and through several socials every quarter for all four teams. We also play mini, do beach trips and other fun events together. Although BLU is a huge part of our lives, our players are also very involved in other communities at UCLA. We do research, student government, have jobs, play intramural sports, volunteering, and so much more. 


We practice three times a week throughout the school year, typically in the evenings. We also do optional group workouts outside of practice multiple times a week. In Fall Quarter, the A and B teams play together as a single program. We go over the basics of the sport for new players while still maintaining a competitive environment. Tryouts for BLU occur near the end of Fall Quarter, and Midas makes no cuts. Winter and Spring Quarter are the division tournaments that culminate in Sectionals, Regionals, and ideally Nationals which takes place in late May. 
BLU goes to about 3 tournaments per quarter. Most of these are in-state, but we generally try to go to one out-of-state tournament per year (excluding Nationals) such as Northwest Challenge (Seattle) or Centex (Austin). For BLU, practices/tournaments are mandatory (with understanding of necessary exceptions) whereas Midas is more lenient for attendance. We are lucky to have an amazing coaching staff. BLU is coached by UCLA Neuroscience professor Alex Korb (pH.D), UCLA BLU alum Cheryl “Kix” Prideaux, and Coach Jackson Dolan


We are beyond excited to meet you all. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions, be it frisbee or UCLA related or otherwise! We are here for you and hope to have you join our family.


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BLU 2020 Hype Reel

“I love BLU for many reasons that I could go on about forever, but I think one thing that really makes UCLA ultimate stand out from other schools is the program-wide support system we have. All four teams (women’s A and B and men’s A and B) hang out, support each other, and genuinely care about the program as a whole. Coming from playing YCC and in high school where that was not always the case, this aspect of the UCLA ultimate community made my experience really great. Not only do you get to be a part of a new family on BLU, but you also get a whole extended family.” 
     - Athena “Dallas” Lynch, sophomore

Every year, the rookie class on BLU makes a video for the whole team. It involves rewriting a song to make it about BLU and recording fun/silly videos. This link is an example from the 2019 rookie class, and there are lots more on youtube if you look up “BLU Rookie Flirt”.

"My favorite part about BLU is that everyone is super excited to be with each other on and off the fields. To me, BLU is like family. Also, the ultimate part is awesome! We have many talents and everyone works very hard to uphold the team’s values and to achieve our goals, and the coaches are there to support you and your development along the way."
     - Ally “Riptide” Kan; senior

BLU Centex Dance-off 2019

"I played ultimate for part of high school, but ended up quitting because I didn’t feel welcomed or good enough to keep up with the mixed and open teams I was playing on.  Coming to UCLA and meeting the BLU players at the first practice was incredibly scary, but it changed my entire perspective on the sport.  I learned that you can be an incredibly competitive team while also loving and supporting each other.  You can challenge yourself and your teammates, knowing that if you mess up, your family is right there beside you to lift you back up.  Joining BLU was the best decision of my college career and completely changed my life."
     - Malia “Rune” Smith, Senior/Captain

SBI 2020 Highlights! 

"Starting college I really wanted to play a new sport while still being involved in a team activity, so I gave ultimate a try. It was 100% the best decision I made in college because I became a part of a team and community that is unlike anything I’ve been in before. BLU has become my family at UCLA, and there is such support for each other on and off the field. We also have a great relationship with the other teams so you are always seeing friends around campus. With my senior season ending so abruptly, I realized just how much I’m going to miss simple things like throwing with teammates before practice and hanging out between class, and of course getting to play ultimate with such an incredible team of women." 
     - Erin “Koda” Doyle, senior

Prez Day 2020 - Universe Point vs Cal

"Obviously ultimate itself is super fun to play, but one of my college-defining experiences has certainly been the BLU family. After the unfortunate end to the most recent season, I realized the thing I missed the most about ultimate wasn’t going to tournaments, playing my best, or winning games (all of which I got to do a lot of with BLU). I missed seeing my teammates' faces every day, getting to work hard and support each other on and off the field. I missed the inside jokes and outside workouts, the crazy shenanigans and just hanging out with each other. We all share a love for the sport and for doing our best for and with each other. I love every single one of these ladies with all of my heart, and they will be my teammates well beyond my four years at UCLA."
     - Sonia “Jinx” Lele, senior

2017 Nationals Sizzle Reel

"When I came to UCLA, I had never played frisbee before, but after trying a bunch of other sports, none of the teams were nearly as welcoming, supportive, and passionate for their sport as Blu is. My teammates quickly became my family and I can’t imagine my life without them. Blu is also a group of the most inspiring and talented individuals I know. We are competitive and like to push each other to reach goals that might seem hard to reach. I know that even on the toughest days my teammates will be there working hard for this team."
     - Bella “Calamity” Pearson, freshmen 
"I came into college as a youngster never having played before and not really knowing what direction I wanted to take my college career. There’s many avenues you can go down, whether that be finding a sport, improv, sororities or even all three! However! I stumbled upon this very unique sport and now three years later I somehow have a podcast where I talk about frisbee? The sport itself ain’t half bad, but truly it’s been the people I’ve met that has led me to build a wonderful life at UCLA that makes the heart warm. I met my three current roommates through frisbee and people that I can guarantee will be with me throughout my years. BLU is a team that will push you to be your best player  but can also make you laugh so much that you might throw up (I can attest!). Our sideline snacks CANT be topped and tournament weekends are weekends that I truly look forward to. The whole UCLA frisbee program is truly unique, each team brings something to the table but one thing that is universal, is the support. Ucla more like ucl(yay)! Plz come to play with us ;) "
     - Frankie “Nala” Clarke, current 3rd year 
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