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University of Virginia


About Hydra

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2019-2020 captains:

  • Megan Kenny

  • Erin Flores

  • Blaise Sevier

2020-2021 captains:

  • Maya Nir

  • Selina Cheng

  • Claire Reagan

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Instagram: @hydranfriends 
Twitter: @HydraNFriends 
Facebook: @HydraNFriends

Team Story

Hydra is a competitive, culturally-inclusive, and community focused D1 Womxn’s Ultimate frisbee team. We have a history of playing at the highest level of Ultimate around the country while also ensuring that our team is connected with the Charlottesville community.  Although we have always had strong support from our coaches throughout the years, we are primarily a player-run team. 

For the past 20 years, the UVA Womxn’s Program has developed to become a supportive space for individuals of all backgrounds. We believe in a selfless spirit and encourage anyone with a positive, dedicated mindset to join our community.


“Man I don’t even know where to begin about what my favorite part of Hydra is. My favorite part would have to be the people and the amazing community that we create for each other. These people are my best friends that I know I can count on both on and off the field. Our team environment is competitive and supportive. We push each other to work hard. Ultimate frisbee is a sport unlike any other. Everyone is so nice and welcoming - regardless of your experience or skill. I always find myself becoming friends with opponents during games! What other sport would that happen in? I don’t know where I’d be without frisbee and my teammates.”
     - Khin Kyaw (2021,  handler)
“My favorite part of playing for Hydra is how much my teammates and coaches care about my wellbeing, progress, and development. There is always a Hydra to lean on when you need a friend, a workout buddy, a study buddy and everything in between. Hydra has the perfect combination of fun and competitiveness. Every practice has some laughs and some sprints; lots of smiles and lots of sweat. I love that it is a space for womxn athletes to work hard, get gritty, and be ourselves. It’s an incredibly community on and off the field, and all around the world.”
     - Maya Nir (2022, handler).
“Hydra has been a fundamental part of my college experience. The team has taught me what I want in a community -- inclusion, friendship and selflessness. I believe that frisbee allows you to develop a skill that connects you to the community around you. My favorite part about Hydra is connecting with the Charlottesville community and getting to know the Charlottesville Youth players and the Townies. Because of ultimate, I have developed strong friendships that will last.”
     - Blaise Sevier (2020, Captain, cutter)
“As I prepare to graduate from UVa, I feel such immense gratitude for all that Hydra has given me over the past four years. I have grown into more of the person I want to be, largely because of the inclusive, authentic, and character-building environment that Hydra continually cultivates and renegotiates. My teammates are my main source of positive energy and empowerment here at UVa, which has been particularly helpful when the stresses of school work and other commitments feel heavy. In addition to the connected and loving community that Hydra provides, it also gives me a space to grow and challenge myself physically and athletically. Being part of a team of strong, speedy, and committed womxn, I feel motivated to be the best athlete and teammate possible. I think our culture is such that we Hydras show up to practice as much for each other as for ourselves. Never in my life have I encountered a sports team that is so all-encompassing. I can’t vouch enough for this program.”
     - Megan “Kenny” Kenny (2020, Captain, cutter)
“Hydra is a team like no other. This program is truly a family. It’s cheesy, but there’s no other way to say it. Success, for Hydra, is not defined by individual accomplishments, but by the collective ones. This is proven true both on and off the field. Hydras care deeply about one another and about this sport. As first year student, Hydra not only showed me the beauty of ultimate, but also allowed me to fall in love with the UVA community (of which I was struggling to find my place in at first). This program is founded on support, on passion, and on love. As players, we push ourselves to be the best we can be. Sometimes that shows in the form of some extra workouts at the end of practice, and other times it’s squeezing a teammate tight and sharing some words of encouragement. We are quite often found being complete whack-os on the sidelines, screaming songs at the top of our lungs, and laughing our heads off. This is what makes Hydra so special. While frisbee is our focus, and our love, this program is much more than just frisbee.”
​     - Jane Frankel (2022, cutter)
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