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Georgia Institute of Technology


Twitter: @GTWreckU
Instagram: @gtwreckultimate





To contact us, please send us an email ( or a DM on Facebook! Please also feel free to fill out this form to allow our recruitment team to keep track of you and reach out if you have further questions:    

About Wreck

Welcome to Wreck! We’ve grown from a team taking 9 players to regionals in 2012 to a two teamed program with well over 60 people this past season. The goal of our program is to both develop our players’ skills and athleticism as well as provide a setting for players to compete regardless of experience level - all with a supportive and loving community. At the end of the day, we are one family that is here to support and motivate each other. We have an extended team selection process in the fall, before splitting teams to gear up for the spring season. If you have any questions about Wreck or Georgia Tech, don’t hesitate to reach out. See you soon! ​



“You get to meet people from all over the US (& the world) and you get super close to them very quick. You get to travel further and play more diverse teams than the ones close by...My favorite part about playing for Wreck is the people. They’ll support you and be there for you and push you to work harder.”
     - Mechelle Chen, rising 2nd year
“It's a very inclusive and welcoming environment. I was able to start playing without any prior experience. It's a great way to get active, meet people, and take your mind off of school.”
      - Grace Erlinger, rising 3rd year
“I’ve played with Wreck for five years. In those five years, the program has changed so much - we went from 30 people on one team to 60+ on two teams; we went from being ranked in the 70s nationally to our A team being ranked 6th in the country; we have travelled to places like Seattle and Austin and Tallahassee. One thing that has remained consistent wherever and with whomever we play is that we are here because we like to play ultimate, but more importantly we like to play with each other. I wouldn’t have stayed past the first few practices if the community and culture of Wreck hadn’t drawn me in, and I’m proud and excited to see this culture continue to grow as a new alum.”
​     - Sam Loop, 2020 graduate/former captain
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