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University of Michigan


womxn's Ultimate at University of Michigan

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We are the University of Michigan Women's Ultimate team! Recognized by the university as a club sport, we travel across the country to compete against other high-level programs. We currently have two teams, Flywheel A and B-Fly. Flywheel is made up of many different members, from freshmen who picked up their first disc at tryouts to grad students who have been playing for years. For six of the past seven years, we have qualified for Nationals, most recently placing 2nd in 2011, 3rd in 2012, and 5th in 2014. B-Fly is a strong program to help players learn about the sport and build up their skills. B-Fly participates in multiple tournaments throughout the Midwest. Both teams create a space for individuals to learn about ultimate while also meeting other strong women athletes who share the love for the sport. We value spirit, competitiveness, quirkiness, and all around good times. #cowbellparty


"Before I came to college, I had hardly played any ultimate frisbee. By the end of my freshman year, it became one of the most integral parts of my experience at Umich. Everyone was super inviting and helpful from the beginning. I loved that the team was competitive, but also fostered an environment of positivity and friendship. From tournament weekends to study sessions in the Ugli, I always felt like a valued member of the Flywheel family."  
     - Jade Turner, Freshman
"There is absolutely no better feeling than being the loudest sideline at every tournament and cheering for Michigan Flywheel. The energy of the team is embodied by every player on and off the field. You can feel it everywhere, from rushing to celebrate with your teammates to hammocking in the Diag. This spirit is what we come to know as Flylove and develops from team wide commitment, resilience, growth, and laughter."  
     - Loriann Hom, Senior, Captain
"I joined Ultimate Frisbee this year (soph year) after hearing about it from a few friends and I definitely wish I would have done it my freshman year too!! This year I was on BFly and one of my favorite parts was getting closer to the team during weekend tournaments (We traveled to Illinois, Ohio, and Virginia) and seeing my teammates 2+ times a week!! I met some of my best friends through Ultimate frisbee and I don't regret giving it a try at all - even though it took me a while to get the fundamentals down. Every week, practice is a time where I can escape school work/deadlines/etc and just have fun with my teammates! BFly's team environment (and all of Michigan Flywheel in general) is extremely inclusive - we have rookies (like myself), people that have been playing for a long time, all different majors, different likes/dislikes, etc. and we all can share a common bond for ultimate - it really is awesome! Off the field, the Ultimate community (FlyLove!!) continues with tons of opportunities to throw with people, study together, and do other social activities! I definitely recommend everyone tries Ultimate Frisbee by coming to our open practices during the fall - if you don't end up thinking you want to play Ultimate Frisbee you will at least meet some very awesome people and learn a little bit about ultimate/U-M!"
     - Kelsie Imus, Sophomore 
"Flywheel is my family. There is immense beauty in taking the field, not as an individual, but with a team so committed and united that we become one. Our voices feed into the collective sound. We play our hearts out for each other — fighting, breathing, and moving in unison. I’ve found people to laugh with, to cry with, and go through life with. We celebrate all the big and small victories together; every day with this team is an adventure.
Love these women more than I could ever say — they make me want to be my best self." 
     - Shannon Lau, Sophomore 
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