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fox force 7

  • Tayara Romero
  • Lacey Robinson
  • Amy Qiang
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About fox force 7

We are Syracuse University’s Fox Force 7 womxn’s team! We compete in the DI division in the Metro East region. Our program history has been cemented with the philosophy to be inclusive and great. Our team consists of players from all backgrounds and ages. We welcome anyone from rookie freshmen to veteran graduate students. We push each other on and off the field to be better players and people.


Outside of practice and tournaments throughout the year, we love to strengthen our family bond by hanging out, having team dinners, goofing off on campus, participating in Ultimate traditions, and hanging with our extended family, the Syracuse University Men’s team, Scooby Doom Ultimate.


This team is my family...

“Where do I even start with this team?? Coming into my freshman year at Syracuse University, it was bittersweet, due to unforeseen circumstances I didn’t know whether I would play Ultimate again after dedicating my whole high school career to it, Ultimate is what makes me- me. The first day I stepped onto the field it was almost breathtaking how welcoming, and how genuinely loving they all were greeting me as a little bitter freshman. They got me out of my shell even when I thought I could not do that myself. This team is my family, and I’ll always wear my Fox Force 7 jerseys proudly everywhere. This team is flying under the radar still and when it is our time, no one will have foreseen it. If you’re reading this as a rookie, we welcome you with the widest and warmest of hugs and smiles- if you’re our rivals, well, see us at natties.”

-Tayara Romero, Class of 2023 Captain

Making friendships that will last a lifetime...

“My favorite part of playing for my team was getting to know an amazing group of people and making friendships that will last a lifetime. Our team environment is all about hyping each other up, everyone is very positive and extremely enthusiastic about learning and playing. I have been playing about 6 to 7 years, and all 4 years of my academic career at Syracuse University with Fox Force 7. What I love most about Ultimate is the Spirit of the game, I think it’s amazing that you can have a really competitive game and still get together at the end and cheer for each other. Also I love the athleticism it brings out in people. Also, Ultimate tournaments are the best way to spend a weekend.”

-Megan Kirby, Class of 2020 Former Captain

Emphasizes teamwork and accountability...

“I love playing with a like-minded group of women who push each other to be better players and people. The team has become my second family and I know I can rely on them for anything. The team emphasizes teamwork and accountability. We are starting to make a name for ourselves and we understand that without new players and skills we can take our competition to the next level. I have been playing since my freshman year of high school for various teams including high school, club, summer, and indoor. I have been playing with Fox Force 7 for one year. I love how Ultimate embodies the competitiveness of other sports while but it does not have to come at the expense of sportsmanship and spirit. Ultimate Frisbee teaches individuals to trust their teammates and communicate with their opponents even when their views and opinions differ, both on and off the field. Join FF7 if you want a family that will always accept you and a home where anyone is welcome!”

-Lacey Robinson, Class of 2023 Captain

Team has been my rock..

“Watching the team grow and improve over the last 3 years has to be one of my favorite parts of when I was with this team. Our environment is always 100% down to clown, but always 100% down to be serious and competitive on the field at the same time. I have played ultimate a total of 4 years, and played 3 with Fox Force 7 as I transferred to Syracuse University after my freshman year. What I love most about Ultimate Frisbee is the spirit, duh. This team has been my rock and the highlight of my college career. I will always treasure the memories I have with fox force because they were truly moments that I’ll never forget. I’d do it over 100 times again. The good and the tough times made this team what it is today and I am so proud in knowing they are only going to grow and get better. This team is unstoppable when it comes to constant improvement.”

-Megan ‘Brad’ Wilson, Class of 2020 Former Captain

Super approachable and easy going...

“Everyone on the team is super approachable and easy going so my favorite thing about being on the team is being around so many amazing people who share the same love for the sport that I do. The team environment is hard working. Everyone is there for the friendship and community but we value practices and put our all into games when it comes to playing. The thing I love most about ultimate is that it attracts athletes who are looking for a sport that is both fast paced and competitive while also accepting and spirited. I have been playing for 5 years and so far played 1 year with Fox Force 7 starting my Sophomore year.”

-Carlyn O’Leary, Class of 2022

My teammates inspire me to be a better player...

“My favorite part about playing for Fox Force Seven is the people I get to play with! We all understand how to push each other to be the best ultimate players we can be through encouraging and motivating one another. My teammates constantly inspire me to be a better player and that’s been my favorite part of playing with my fellow foxes. The best way I could describe the team environment is welcoming. The foxes make it known that every member of the fox force is important in their own special way, and contributes something of value to the team. Whether you’ve played ultimate for years or are just a beginner, the foxes do a great job at making all players feel incredibly comfortable on and off the field. I’ve been playing Ultimate for 6 years and I’ve played for 1 year with Fox Force 7. While I love everything about ultimate, my favorite part is that the players act as the referees. Ultimate is a sport based on honesty and I find that something really special. Joining Fox Force Seven was the best decision I’ve ever made!”

-Meris Rosenberg, Class of 2023

I love the competition...

“The best part of joining fox force was being a part of a team again and meeting all the lovely ladies and making new friends in college! I love competitive atmospheres that push each player and the team to get better each day and have fun in the process. Make winning fun. I’ve been playing only one year, but I love the competition, and the room for growth and development in the game and I’m so excited for this year!”

-Naama Erez, Class of 2022 Social & Spirit Chair

I love the uniqueness and spirit of the game...

“My favorite parts about being on Fox Force are the fantastic teammate relationships, the excitement in working to grow and improve our team each year, and watching my transform throughout the seasons reaching towards our full potential! The team environment is loving, supportive, and encouraging. I have played for 3 years in total. I’ve played with FF7 for 2 years. I love the uniqueness and spirit of the game, the community of ultimate players, and  being a part of an always growing and changing sport! I love Fox Force and I can't wait to watch us continue to grow and expand our horizons over my next two years and beyond!”

-Allyson Greenburg, Class of 2022

I love our environment...

“My favorite part of playing for my team is getting to meet so many people and new friends. It is a mix of serious and fun. We are serious when we need to be and have fun while playing together. I’ve been playing one year in total, and that being, I started my career with Fox Force 7. I love our environment.”

-Dara Doft, Class of 2023 Team Manager

Great attitude and mindset creates good practices and exciting games...

"My favorite part of playing for my team is the great combination of playing to have a good time and a seriousness for competition. This great attitude and mindset creates good practices and exciting games. I would describe our team environment to be welcoming, fun, and hardworking. I have been playing Ultimate for 7 years in total, and started my freshman spring semester with Fox Force 7. What I love most about Ultimate Frisbee is gritty defense. P.S. Syracuse women’s ultimate is on the come up of being a well known team NO CAP.”

-Libby Knapp, Class of 2023

There's always more to learn...

“I’ve loved watching this team grow and develop over the past 4 years, and seeing how far we’ve made it and how well we play together now makes me both excited for the promising future of this team and sad that I’m graduating and won’t be able to play with them again. Where do I even start with this team? We have so much fun together, but we can flip the switch when we need to be focused and up the intensity. Being part of this team has allowed me to be the most genuine form of myself. I’ve met some of the most amazing, supportive people that have all taught me so much, on and off the field. These women care so much about the team and about pushing each other to be better in every way. I have been playing for 4 years in total, and those 4 years started with Fox Force 7. That there’s always more to learn! Even the most experienced players I’ve met are still working to improve in some way, and they care so much about the sport that they’re not only willing, but excited to teach others as well.“

-Rachael Church, Class of 2020 Former Social Chair

Love the community and spirit of frisbee...

“My favorite part of being on this team is seeing us all grow together and learn how to best play with each other. Our team environment is fun, supportive, and motivating. I love the community and spirit of frisbee. Anywhere you go to play frisbee you know there’ll be good people. Playing now, 5 years, played 1 year with Fox Force 7. The team pushes you to be your best while also having a ton of fun and building friendships.”

-Rose Skylstad, Class of 2023

Each team member feels secure and has a support system...

“My favorite part about playing for Fox Force 7 has been the friendships that I have made. Through this team, I have met people who are my friends on and off the field. Everyone on this team is friends with everyone else and every person wants to see their teammates succeed. We work together to ensure that each team member feels secure and has a support system. There are always teammates to help you improve on your skills, and people on the team want to see their teammates improve and succeed. Our team environment is genuinely a fun environment. Every person on this team is so accepting of each other and inclusive. I think that our team’s environment is so incredible because everyone is friends with each other. No one is ever left out of anything, and I think that makes Fox Force 7 unique. The team loves to joke around, but we are serious when we need to be. I have a very intensive program and don’t have a lot of downtime so I look forward to spending time with my frisbee friends. I’ve been playing ultimate for 2 years. The thing I love most about ultimate frisbee is the spirit. I love the active sidelines, the cheers, and the enthusiasm of all players. Ultimate frisbee is more than a game; it’s a community of people who love to play ultimate. I never realized how strong this community was until I became a part of it. I love this team. Fox Force 7 gave me a group of people who are truly incredible. Some of my best college experiences have been with members of Fox Force 7, and I am so grateful that I decided to attend the first practice in September 2018. I don’t know where I would be in my college career without this team.”

-Sydney Ringel, Class of 2022

The community is incredible...

“Being able to walk to the quad knowing someone will be there with a disc !! Our team environment is spunky !! I have been playing Ultimate for 2 years! Started my Freshman year at SU! The community is incredible, Ultimate has built up anywhere you go :) We're going to natties!!” -Dasha Latvis, Class of 2022 Social & Spirit Chair

Ultimate frisbee has been my outlet in life...

“I love how spirited everyone is and how positive and welcoming the team is. Our team environment is welcoming and motivated to play our best. I’ve been playing for 5 years in general, but have loved my one year with Fox Force 7 as a freshman. I love our community and how easy it is to find leagues or clinics to play ultimate. Ultimate frisbee has been my outlet in life especially in high school and has overall helped me be a better person. I have made so many friendships that would never otherwise have been possible!”

-Mira Sherif, Class of 2022

They welcomed me with the most generous heart...

“Joining FF7 is my first time playing single gender ultimate. It shape my understanding of women’s ultimate and show me how women’s ultimate could be different from mixed. When I first joined, they welcomed me with the most generous heart. My captains and coach always helped me and trying their best to answer any of my questions. They actively give me advice and never hesitate to trust me again even if I just made mistakes. I will say FF7 is always very welcoming to new players. Everybody on the team is willing to offer help to each other at any time, no matter if it's about ultimate or not. I love the competitiveness of the sport, I love spending time on ultimate, whether it’s watching videos, researching, or doing specific workouts. Doing these things is just pure enjoyment for me. Most importantly, I like the version of myself as an ultimate player. FF7 is not my first team and certainly will not be my last, but it gives me such a unique experience that I would never imagine. The challenges it put me through is not the kind that I expected nor wanted, but I did not learn any less. I will always be glad that I have spent time with FF7 in my college years. I have played a total of 7 years of Ultimate and 3 of them with Fox Force 7.”

-Amy Qiang, Class of 2021 Captain

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