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Stanford University 


About Superfly

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  • Maika Isogawa aka Perrie

    • graduating in 2020

  • Sesha McMinn aka Lynx 

  • Sarah Kratzer aka BeeJee

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  • Robin Davis

  • Jamie Nuwer 

  • Jennie Lummis

  • Amel Awadelkarim


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Stanford Women’s Ultimate has a rich history of competitive achievement and community connection. Founded in the early 90's, Superfly has won 8 national championships, and regularly makes a powerful showing at college nationals. Our team takes players from all backgrounds: absolutely no experience necessary. We teach players the game from the ground up, promoting teamwork, safety, and fun along the way. Superfly’s biggest strength comes from within. The relationships our players build with each other, as well as with the exceptional coaching staff, is the core to our success, allowing us to be a fearsome force season after season. Our women’s ultimate team is hands-down the best community at Stanford, and has fostered a warm, competitive, and loving spirit in its members. Superfly is a place for hard work that brings immeasurable personal and team rewards. 
Notably: in 2019, Stanford Women’s Ultimate successfully expanded to re-establish an all-women’s B-team. This has allowed even more students to experience all that ultimate has to offer.


"Superfly, aka FAMILY. Before meeting SWU (Stanford Women's Ultimate), I had never heard of ultimate frisbee before, let alone ever played a field sport. Yet they took me in with wide open arms of fun, friendship, and fitness. In my years on the team, I've watched the ebb and flow that all college sports experience: you watch talented upperclassmen and strive to be like them - then suddenly you are in their shoes, taking on new roles and helping the next generation find their footing. Superfly has given me so much, everything from teamwork, to discipline, to weekend trips around the country with my closest friends. It has been the single most impactful part of my college experience, and will forever hold a place in my heart. My only wish is that more students find their way to this wonderful team and experience the joys of the larger ultimate community." - Perrie (Maika Isogawa) 




"Ultimate in general (and Superfly in particular) has given me so. much. life. Ironically, I came into Stanford amped for high-level ultimate (even though I had never formally played before), but had some hesitation about committing after tryouts. I decided, despite not being fully bought in, to say yes, and BOY am I thankful to freshman me for doing that! Now, my best friends and biggest role models are on this team. We play and sweat and are challenged together, and I love it more and more as the years go by. Even if you’re on the fence about ultimate in the beginning, say yes! You will be rewarded by the adventures you have, the ways you grow and the things you achieve, and you’ll be surrounded by the best human beings every step of the way." - BeeJee (Sarah Kratzer)





​Through my time at school, my strongest support system has come from the wonderful people that make up Superfly. Whenever I am away from school, the frisbee community is what I miss most, no question. I am so grateful for the community that makes up this team and surrounds it, as the love for SWU (Stanford Women’s Ultimate), transcends graduation. The countless alumni that come back as practice players or to help run practice baffled me at first, but as I spent more time with the team, I realized that SWU is something that will always have a place in your heart." - Reece (Elena Kamas)

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