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Element and Big Bang


  • Alexa Yadama

  • Maddie Kramer

  • CC Warnick


  • Amanda Kostic 

  • Kelley Hall

  • Jill Goodreau

Program email:
Instagram: @uwelement

University of Washington

About Ultimate at University of Washington

At UW, we strive to create a program that is welcoming and encouraging, a place for community at such a large university.

 We practice 3 times a week and have two teams: Element - a traveling team that competes at a national level and holds tryouts in the fall.
Big Bang - a team that competes at more local tournaments and you do not have to tryout to join! 

Big Bang and Element play together in the fall and continue to have community throughout the year. This program has become a community and family for many players at UW, and through working hard and having fun we push each other to be the best we can be on and off the field.
"I wanted to be on Element because I wanted to be on the competitive team at my school. Since then we’ve grinded together, I’ve gotten so much closer with some people than I ever thought I would. I've played all through middle and high school and this team really does surpass almost anything else. I think our love off the field really is showcased when we play together and I think (and many would agree) that we’re one of the deepest teams in the country and I'm so so proud of that too."
-Stephanie Phillips (Sophomore, Handler)


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