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We are the San Diego State Gnomes and we make up the women’s ultimate frisbee program at SDSU. Our frisbee program, although a younger one, has grown tremendously so much in the last couple of years, that we are working on creating a B team. The hopes of the development of the B team would allow more participation in our sport along with giving newer players a chance to gain more experience. 


Our team is located in San Diego. A well known city in Southern California, not only is there a large ultimate community for all skill levels but it is especially popular due to the amazing beaches. Our ultimate team often takes advantage of this by occasionally having practices on the beach (Check out our layout practice video).


Our players will find themselves in a close-knit, welcoming environment that is dedicated to teaching the game, improving upon competitive goals, developing good sportsmanship, embracing spirit of the game, and building lasting camaraderie throughout their experience on the team. The ultimate community in San Diego is integral to the heart of our ultimate frisbee team here at San Diego State. In fact Wildfire Ultimate, a national contender Women’s Club team in San Diego, often comes out to our practices to challenge us, teach us, and improve our level of playing. The Gnomes are incredibly involved in the ultimate community in San Diego.  As a team we attend local clinics put on by club teams and participate in local leagues that do not interfere with practice. Not to mention several club teams recruit our players to try out and join their teams. 

Team Information 

The Gnomes practice twice a week, in the evenings, along with one day of conditioning which provides a good balance with completing school work amongst other extracurriculars. Sometimes we do have an occasional weekend practice but usually we save weekends for tournaments and to stay caught up on school work. In the fall semester, the coaches and captains go over the basics of the sport for new players in order to create a good baseline before the competitive season starts in the Spring. As a team we travel to tournaments in Arizona, Vegas, Northern California, and end our season at Sectionals and Regionals in late April. Our team expenses are funded by donations and team fundraising with minimal dues compared to other club teams at SDSU. 

Our coaching staff  have immense ultimate experience at the national level and dedicate countless hours to us as individual players and our team as a whole. Our head coach, Shar Stuht, has been playing ultimate for over 30 years and has extensive coaching experience. She is a Masters National Champion (2015), Team USA Masters World Champion (2016), and Grandmaster’s National Champion (Furari, 2018).  She has been coaching the Gnomes for several years and has been fine tuning the team so that we are able to perform to our fullest potential.

If you are interested in our program please fill out this survey, Thank you very much!


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“To me college is where you make the best memories and you meet your closest friends for life. I found my people and made those amazing memories with the San Diego State Gnomes. This team has become my closest friends and my support system throughout school. If I am being honest our team is a group of baller girls who are competitive on the field but know how to have a good time off of it also. From tourney weekends, to bonding events, and so much more we stick together. Getting to be a captain is a dream come true.”

 - Sonia Tasser, Junior/Captain

“I’ve always had a deep love for ultimate frisbee, but it is my teammates that truly make the experience worthwhile. Throughout my time at SDSU, the Gnomes have become a second family. Being on the team has been a great opportunity to stay active, have fun, make friends, travel, and become involved on campus in a way that promotes responsibility and leadership skills. Our team has always strived for inclusivity, regardless of one’s background or athletic experience (or lack thereof).”

- Jesse Jewell, Senior/Captain

“My favorite part about playing for my current team is the bond we all have and all of our team bonding events. This team gives you a family feeling. A sense of belonging in a place I was unfamiliar with. Everyone has each other’s back and never hesitates to lend a hand.I love traveling and going to tournaments the most. I feel like the car rides and hotel rooms are where we really get to know each other better. The tournaments give you a chance to really get competitive and show other schools what’s up. The snacks and cheers make tournament days even better.”

-  Jamie Kalaau-sunia, Sophomore


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