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University of Pittsburgh


Team email:
Instagram: @pittultimatew 
Twitter: @pittultimatew
Tik Tok: dangerultimate 

About Danger

The Ohio Valley is a competitive little bowl in the scene of college ultimate. University of Pittsburgh’s, Danger, is changing the game and elevating play every year. A team based on growing skills and excellence in an environment propelled by the love we have for our teammates. We just want to play as much frisbee as we can, step out onto the field as a team that people love to play, and give it our all. Danger has made it to the Division 1 College Nationals stage six times since the team was started in 2005 and made it all the way to semifinals in 2018. We invest in each season with the goal of competing against top level teams and making our name one to be heard, remembered, and celebrated.


What has been your favorite part about playing for your current team?

  • The dedication and unconditional support

  • The HYPE we all share for each other: our celebrations our unmatched 

  • The players and coaches who are always supportive and hype when you really need it

  • How we can take what most would consider a rough start to our season, and use it as fuel to do a complete 180 by putting in so much work, while in the process proving everyone wrong. 

  • You can see how much the coaches care and how much they are working to be constantly improving our team game as well as our personal game. 

How would you describe your team environment?

  • Dedicated and competitive: Trying to make our practices as realistic and applicable to tournaments makes our team ready when it’s game time  

  • Supportive

  • Caring 

  • Overall so much fun 

  • We’re goofy and then serious at the right times. 

What do you love most about ultimate frisbee?

  • It’s unlike any other sport in the sense that it combines various athletic aspects while having one of the most spirited sports environments I have ever played in. I like how it combines technical skills with athletics more so than other sports I’ve played. 

  • The feeling when you get when you’re celebrating with teammates

  • The people: somehow ultimate people are so similar. I love how everyone is so supportive and forgiving. 

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