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Whitman College

The Sweets

Instagram: @whitman_sweets
Twitter: @WWhitman_Sweets
Facebook: @WhitmanSweetsWomensUltimate 

Social Media Contact: Kaia Roast (sophomore): roastkl@whitman.ed


About The Sweets

  • Julia Snyder (Seattle Riot)
  • Linnea Soo (BFG, Seattle Riot)
We are the Whitman College Womxn's D1 ultimate frisbee team, commonly known as “The Sweets”. We live in the beautiful town of Walla Walla, Washington, famous for growing wheat and Walla Walla sweet onions. The agriculture and beauty of the Walla Walla valley have inspired our team name and many onion related cheers. 

The Sweets are a group of strong, independent, goofy womxn who love to support each other, eat food together, and play frisbee. Team activities include frolicking in the wheat fields, rock climbing, eating onions (yum), potlucks, Friday pickup at 4:20 with the men’s team, picnicking in the park, camping, working out (both virtually and in person!) and, of course, playing frisbee.
The Sweets are a great group of gals to compete with because we are a fun lovin’ bunch of dedicated, goofy gals that love to support each other both on and off the field. We are a unique team nestled in the PNW that is composed of all experience levels of ultimate. Many of our players are new to the game, while others have years of experience. Don’t be shy, though - we love to welcome all who are interested! 

During our regular season, the Sweets travel to fun tournaments like Stanford Invite, Presidents Day Invite, and Northwest Challenge, while in the postseason, we play in the D1 Big Sky Section, meaning we get to face off against great competition from teams like Utah and BYU. Then, we join the greater Northwest Region to play Oregon, Western Washington, University of Washington, and more. 

  If you want to learn more about the Sweets please don’t hesitate to check out our amazing website or reach out to any of our captains! We would love to hear from you!


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What has been your favorite part about playing for your current team?

“The Sweets are the people I go to when I am feeling stressed, down, or out of sorts. Without fail, they always cheer me up through spontaneous dance parties, Sweets takeovers™, and just generally being good listeners and loving humans. I feel completely at home with the Sweets, which is how I know we are more than a frisbee team - we are family.”
    - Sarah (Boz) Bosworth, junior/captain 
“I have loved learning the game and being inspired by my teammates, while at the same time getting to know these awesome human beings as friends and an unshakeable support group.”
     - Olivia Myers, first year
“Finding the Sweets has been the best thing I could have asked for in my college experience. I feel so lucky to be part of a team that makes me laugh, inspires me to work hard, supports me and cranks up the music for dance parties. Ultimate has always been the sport in my life that finds the best balance between competition and fun, and I find that same balance with the Sweets.”
     - Jesse Zaslove, sophomore
“The Sweets have been my family in college and I could not have asked for a better group to always be there for me no matter what. Whether it was a shoulder to cry on, a hug on the sidelines, dancing together anywhere, or laughing so hard it made me cry, I love the Sweets with my whole heart and will take them everywhere I go. We are an ultimate team but we are also a family, and both mean the world to me.”
     - Carmen (Taps) Tappero, junior/captain
“What I love most about the Sweets is that our mascot is an onion. And I love that we emphasize the importance of eating right after playing, especially when that means yummy Mexican food in San Diego.”
     - Margaret Tookey, first year 

How would you describe your team environment?

“I’d say the Sweets team vibe is all about embracing the vibe, meeting each other where we are at, and valuing the skills that each person brings to the team, whether it’s epic frisbee sauce, leadership, goofiness, encouragement, steadiness, creativity, and whatever else, because that’s who we are!”
     - Olivia Myers, first year 
“The Sweets are the most inclusive, silly, and competitive group of strong women I know. We strive to work hard, have fun, be competitive, work together as a team to get better at frisbee all the while supporting each other on and off the field. Each person is a unique individual that brings something new to our team and we are all about embracing everybody and making sure fun is always had.”
     - Carmen (Taps) Tappero, junior/captain
“Everybody just wants to see you do well and improve, and that is something that is really uplifting!”
     - Margaret Tookey, first year 

What do you love most about ultimate frisbee?

“I love the balance in spirit when we’re competing: everyone balls out on the field against their opponent, but after each game we come together over our shared love of ultimate and appreciation for one another. I see every spirit circle as an incredible moment of community in this sport!”
     - Olivia Myers
“Having fun and making big plays with your teammates!!”
​     - Margaret Tookey, first year 
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