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University of California Berkeley
Pie Queens

About UC Berkeley Ultimate



  • Cidney "Bobe" Weng

  • Janelle "Ammo" Lee

  • Valerie "Croc" Hsieh




  • Andrew Berry

  •  Danielle “Ban-chi” Ngo


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We’re the Pie Queens from UC Berkeley! We pride ourselves on being the perfect balance of fun and competitive, and Ultiworld even named us the #3 best college ultimate brand. We have a bunch of cheers, flair practices, and socials, and we travel all over to play the best ultimate we can find! In the fall, everyone is a Pie Queen, and in the spring we split into Queens and Tarts. Queens aims to be nationally competitive, and Tarts aims to be regionally competitive. They each have different levels of time commitment, skill, and fitness expectations, but most importantly they both have tons of fun! In the end, we are one big family, and there is a place for everyone here with the Pie Queens :)


“This team is my family! Joining Pie Queens has been the greatest decision I’ve made in college, and I love getting to play such high level ultimate while having a blast with my best friends.”
​     - Cidney “Bobe” Weng, junior/captain
"The Pie Queens has been my home away from home. It has given me a place to be myself and feel supported. It has given me a group of friends, a group of amazing, intelligent, powerful women to look up to and learn from, and a sense of belonging. It has given me a community."
​     - Jenna "Dash" Krugler, sophomore
"All it took was one practice for this program to hook me. Honestly, all it took was one warmup. The outpouring of positivity and high fives and energy surrounding me made me forget that I was tired from my day. All the vets and coaches were way more supportive than any other team I had ever been a part of, and my mood immediately lifted! They really didn’t care that I couldn’t throw and didn’t know that frisbee had positions and rules (really thought people just ran around lawlessly). They just wanted me to learn and have fun doing it! #cantstopalltheway."
​     - Maia "Tupps" Griffith, junior
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