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Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: @valksultimate

Team website:

Who WE Are

Valkyries are a Norse symbol of female power and strength. We are a team that works hard and pushes one another. We love the grind. Grinding makes us hungry, which is good because we also love brunch and dining hall adventures. Big dogs gotta eat. 


There is no prior experience necessary to join the Valks. We strive to be a welcoming family and are committed to supporting womxn’s players of all backgrounds and identities. We have a growing program with 2 teams. The Valkyries (A team) and the Balkyries (B team) practice and compete together in the fall. In the spring, the Valks attend multiple flying tournaments and compete in the College Series. The Balks compete regionally each spring, with the season culminating in Development Sectionals.

Our team schedule is updated monthly, check it out to join us for a practice!

Coaches' message

"We are committed to working with each player to help them improve and are invested in helping each Valkyries team grow to be the team they want to be. Everyone shows up every day excited to be a part of the team and to put in work, and then goes above and beyond to support each other's growth and achievements. The players are easy to coach -- hungry to learn, driven, and incredibly supportive of one another."
     - Jason Adams, Danny Clark, Tulsa Douglas

Player Testimonials

“The Valkyries invest 100% in every player. It is such a dedicated group of players and coaches and we are constantly pushing ourselves to grow. Your teammates believe in you on and off the field and will become a second family. You can always find a Valk willing to throw with you, study with you, share a meal, give you a hug, and you can make lifelong friends."
      - Katharine "KG" Gilbert, Class of 2020, flex, 2018-2020 Valks captain

“So many times throughout both of my seasons on the Valks people took time during practices and tournaments to give me tips and explain aspects of the sport. This was super helpful because I never felt bad for not understanding something or making a mistake and because of all the positivity and help I received as a rookie, I was able to grow so much as a player in my first year. B team was the perfect learning environment for me, everyone was welcoming and understanding that I was learning the sport. On A team, every member on the team shows up to our practices/tourneys ready to give 100%, which really inspires me to be the best player I can.”
     - Catherine “Rome” Romanova, Class of 2021, cutter

“My favorite part about playing for the Valks is how well each player fits into their role on the team. Everyone is placed in a position that showcases their best abilities and strengths. The team environment is so supportive and conducive to learning and growing as a player. I look forward to practices every week because they’re a great balance of laughing and catching up with my friends while simultaneously becoming a better player on the field.”
     - Sophie "Zoo" Shen, Class of 2022, handler

"My favorite part about playing with the Valkyries is how much emphasis and opportunity there is for everyone to improve. Every year we see players encouraged to step into newer bigger roles from the team and supported every step of the way. Our coaching staff is unparalleled and so incredibly dedicated to helping every Valk reach their ceiling. All that you need to put in is effort! Our team is a VERY SPECIAL balance of competition and dedication and love, love, love."
      - Clara “Citgo” Stewart, Class of 2023, handler

alumni Testimonials

"I found ultimate my freshman year and after my first practice with the Valkyries I haven’t looked back since. A school at the heart of Boston has many perks--landmarks, cuisine, travel, work experiences--but no greater ultimate privilege than access to high level, dedicated coaches from the exceptionally talented Boston Ultimate community. As two teams, the Valkyries find a place for any player. As a Valkyrie, your coaches and teammates create opportunities in growth for you, while teaching you the skills to create your own. Programs like this, at a school that prioritizes academics and ingenuity, means that your teammates are as fierce in competition as they are in the classroom and workspace. I would not be the player or coach I am today without the program and people that showed me the person and leader I could become."
     - Lizzie Jones, Class of 2014, handler

     - 2013-2014 Valks captain and 2014-2018 Balks coach

     - Currently plays for Atlanta Bucket and coaches Georgia              Tech Wreck

“Valkyries = family. Being a part of this program is so special because of the people. It's a group of badass, dedicated, goofy, womxn. My Valks teammates were determined to be the best team we could be. We pushed each other to get better and supported each other every step of the way. In the program I developed some of my closest friendships. I found my Northeastern "home" with the Valkyries and it was one of the most influential, special, and cherished parts of my college experience.”
     - Nicole Canning, Class of 2016, cutter
     - 2015-2016 Valks captain and 2017-2018 Valks coach
     - Currently plays for Boston Brute Squad and Portland                    Uprising

“This program can teach you valuable lessons both on and off the field. How to become a smarter offender in flow. When to take risks as the wing defender in a zone. How to throw in the wind (thank you New England). How to lead a team. And the importance of support, communication, and well timed jokes. Simply put, playing for the Valks helped me to grow and I owe this to the spirited nature of the game, my inspirational teammates, my tough opponents, and my dedicated coaches.”
     - Hannah Walter, Class of 2016, flex
     - 2014-2016 Valks captain
     - Currently plays for San Diego Wildfire and San Diego                    Superbloom

“I've played team sports my whole life, but was a beginner to ultimate in college. Before playing on the Valkyries, I had never played alongside people who I really felt were true friends. With the Valks, those women were my best friends. They still are. The amount of growth I experienced in those five years is honestly...crazy. Our time on this team was so special, the friends I made here are my people for life.”
     - Meghan Gannon, Class of 2017, handler
     - 2015-2017 Balks captain and 2017-2019 Balks coach
     - Currently plays for Cambridge Chaotic Good

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