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University of Texas - Dallas


Facebook: UTD Womxn’s Ultimate - Whiplash
Instagram: @utdwomxnsult
Twitter: @UTDWomxnsUlt

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About Whiplash

  • Katie Metzler
  • Bethani Eberhart

Whiplash was founded in 2013. Back then, we were known as the Monstars. From our humble beginnings, the goal of this team has been inclusivity. We want to offer a place for people of all athletic backgrounds to find camaraderie. We don’t have tryouts and anyone is welcome on our team regardless of if they have ever picked up a disc before. This team has grown a lot over its seven years. From winning our first game at Big D Little D in 2013 to now in 2020 winning the tournament for the second year in a row, the hardworking drive that this team has has been backed by love for our teammates and the willingness to put it all on the field for them. We rebranded our team in 2019 and became Whiplash. We decided that the mentality of the team has shifted, and we have gained a much more competitive mindset. We strive to improve for each other so that we can see the team succeed. The thing that stands out about this team is that people don’t just want to know each other as teammates, people are intentional about getting to know each other and hanging out with each other outside of practice and tournaments. This team is a family and we would love for you to be a part of it.


What has been your favorite part about playing for Whiplash?

  • "The community! Nothing is better than being able to play amongst women who support each other."

  • "The community of fantastic and fun people I got to meet and become a part of!"

    • Jen Good (Senior, Rookie)

  • "Learning more about ultimate and becoming really close with the team!"  

    • Nupur Sampat (Freshman, Rookie)

How would you describe Whiplash's team environment?

  • "Challenging and fun, I loved that we could goof around and still be a competitive team."

  • "Our team is very nurturing and merry. Everyone is trying to help others improve from wherever they are starting and also wants everyone to have a good time."    

    • Jen Good (Senior, Rookie)

  • ​"Very welcoming. Even if you are new to the sport everyone is patient and willing to teach you how to play. The environment is a great place to find friends and a new hobby."  

    • Nupur Sampat (Freshman, Rookie)

What do you love most about ultimate frisbee?

  • "That I was able to join the sport without prior knowledge or athleticism and have something to work towards through the help of others ❤️"

  • "I love that it makes me want to go to practice and be active, and that I was able to do that with no previous knowledge of ultimate." 

    • Jen Good (Senior, Rookie)

  • "The diversity in positions and types of plays you can have. There is always something new to learn to better yourself in the game"

    • Nupur Sampat (Freshman, Rookie)

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