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About Fever

Fever has a rich history stemming from legendary coaches as well as notable players who have gone off to play for club powerhouses such as Seattle Riot, Columbus Rival, and Columbus Cocktails. Many small schools attract experienced youth players and their programs are able to build off of this pool of young talent. Fever, however, does not draw in as many of these youth players and instead brings in women from a diverse athletic background into the ultimate community. We take women who have never had any athletic experience and transform them into high-level ultimate players who look like they’ve been playing for more than just a year. 

Incoming talent is not what defines Fever each year—our program’s ability to build amazing new players and generate a strong, well-balanced full roster every year  is the reason why we have been able to compete at 9 consecutive nationals. Fever is a program that doesn’t rely on recruiting talent; Fever is a program that finds talent and develops them into breakthrough ultimate players. 


“Fever is the most driven group of people I have ever met. My teammates want to be the best, on and off the field, and they always put in the work to be successful. Their ambition can’t be beat. We work hard because we love what we do and more importantly, because we love each other. Fever has a legacy of excellent people and athletes. Each year each player does their duty to uphold that.”

- Brooke Lewis (Sophomore)

“Fever is much more than a team - it’s a family. I’ve lived life with them. I’ve cried with them, celebrated with them and everything in between”

- Sadie Jezierski (Fever Alum 2015-2019)

“I didn’t start playing ultimate until my Sophomore year of college. Although it took me a little while to get comfortable with playing a new sport, I immediately knew the players on Fever would end up being like my second family. The patience and support everyone on this team has for brand new players is unmatched. The second you step on the field at your first practice, you learn that you are a part of a long line of spirited, hardworking, and incredibly fun individuals that have made the program as historic as it is.”

- Emily “JT” Barrett (Grad Student/Captain)

“My favorite part of Fever has definitely been watching people develop and go from sideline/role players to key players & their confidence growing.


Family is the word I’d use to describe Fever because it’s like a clear example of the family you choose and have unconditional love for.


Sport wise my favorite part of ultimate is  running around culture wise i like that it’s a good vehicle for youth empowerment”

- Stacy “Sonic” Lu (Fever Alum 2015-2019)

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