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Captains and Coaches



  • Courtney Kiesow

  • Logan Weiss

Team Information

Why Syz?

Syzygy is a competitive D1 womxns ultimate frisbee team that plays year round at tournaments across the country. We work to compete at the highest level, pushing ourselves and our teammates to be the best. We are primarily player-run and make sure that every member has a role both on and off the field. At Carleton the ultimate frisbee community has a long standing history and large presence on campus.

We strive to make Syzygy an inclusive, equitable, self-reflective space, where players of all backgrounds are welcome and supported, and where we can contribute to spirit, inclusivity and equity in the larger ultimate community. We are excited to work with you and support you in any way during your years at Carleton, your time on Syz, and beyond Carleton as a part of the larger Carleton Frisbee community.

Tournaments and Practices

We have two coaches who attend at least one practice a week and accompany us to tournaments. In the winter, Syzygy has 4 practices a week (2 turf dome practices and 2 track practices) and attends two tournaments. In the past few years these have been Queen City Tune Up in North Carolina and Stanford Invite in California. Over spring break, we spend a week in Seattle as a team for training and fun which culminates in another tournament: Northwest Challenge. In the spring, we practice five times a week and attend 3 tournaments: Sectionals, Regionals, and Nationals! 


Costs and Financial Aid

Syzygy is both a team and a part of a larger frisbee community, meaning that when you join the team, you join a group of people who are all rooting for you. This community of alumni and supporters has allowed us to offer team members financial aid for a wide range of season costs. This past season we have been able to offer 100% financial aid for requested expenses, ranging from flight costs to tournament food. We hope to make Syzygy a team where cost is not a barrier or a burden to participation.


Prospective Students/Player Form

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"From the moment you step onto the team, you can feel the intensity and love syz has. Your teammates lift you up and push you to be better. I’ve appreciated the incredible community syzygy makes consciously, we are not perfect but work on and off the field to improve ourselves and our teammates (both in frisbee and as people!) whether it’s dancing our synchrony dances during half time, cheering spur of the moment ridiculous cheers, or flooding the field after a sick point, syz has given me my best friends and memories in college. 
P.s. if you don’t know what synchrony is you should look it up! A super fun unique Carleton thing :)"
     - Kate Lanier, Class of 2022

"For me, starting college was a really unknown territory. A small liberal arts college in Minnesota was a very different environment than my high school experience. The one thing that I could rely on was frisbee. I loved playing competitively in high school and the bonding I had with my high school team. It was very heart-warming and reassuring to be welcomed into the Carleton ultimate community during a time where I was very much out of my comfort zone. Syz has been a great introduction to Carleton as a whole — having a net of experienced upper-class students helped make me feel at home and gave me a group of peers that I could go to for anything, frisbee and otherwise. The people on this team are people I can (and do) look up to in so many ways (frisbee, school, and the real world) and they’ve supported my growth into a stronger person. This team is so fun and happy and I love them :)"
     - Emma Chin/Shmu, Class of 2023

"I started playing frisbee my freshman year, and had no expectations in regard to what frisbee was or what this team would be like. Carly Campana lived across the hall from me, and dragged me to fall frisbee practice (at Carleton in the fall we play together with all 3(!) wxmens frisbee teams until tryouts). Deciding to go to that practice - and subsequently try out for syz - was hands down the best decision I’ve made at Carleton. The people on the team are my best friends and push me to be my best - not only athletically but also as a person (and also intellectually - we have some COMPETITIVE brain games players). I can’t imagine a better group of people to play with and push yourself with - and Carleton is awesome because frisbee is so supported by the school and we have a team for every skill/commitment level." 
     - Becky Shapiro, Class of 2022

"Syzygy has such a special drive and spirit. You can feel the love! I was injured at College Nationals last year, so I decided to film the team’s special moments and put together a little film for everybody. I wanted to capture the love on this team, which was such an easy thing to do because there’s so much of it. Having the opportunity to watch the members of this team support each other was such a joy and made me so proud to be a part of Syzygy. I’m so happy I’ve had the opportunity to play for this team. "
​     - Emma Gautier (Goat), Class of 2020

"Syzygy has been one of the best and most significant parts of college for me. Joining the team introduced me to a level of frisbee higher than I had previously experienced, but getting to push the edge of my comfort zone in terms of competition surrounded by a group of hardworking, goofy, loving, strong and supportive women has been an absolute gift. Being a part of this community, both on campus with the current team, and then more largely within the context of our alumni is one of the things I’m most excited to take with me as I finish up at Carleton, and I know I’m a better person for having had the chance to play for Syz. This is a special group, and that’s just one of many many frisbee teams who each have their own wonderful culture, vibe and group of people!"
     - Gracie Little, Class of 2021

"As coaches for Syzygy, it is our role to support the achievement of team and individual goals. We strive for a dynamic on-field system that both highlights player strengths and encourages growth. "
     - Courtney Kiesow and Logan Weiss, Syzygy Coaches     - Gracie Little, Class of 2021

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